Music/Lyric Therapy

Anybody who knows me would know that I’m a quiet person, who doesn’t talk a lot. Anybody who really knows me would know that I’m not so great with words and explaining things, which is why I’m usually quiet and would much rather listen to what everyone else has to say, then jump in only when I feel like I can contribute to the conversation. I’m kind of socially awkward that way. (The exception to all this being when you get me going on a really good entertainment subject, I can probably ramble on for a good while.) Over the years, I’ve been the one who is always there for my friends, support and encourage them, and especially while I was still in school, I was almost always the positive and optimistic one. Once real life kicked in though, it became hard for me to keep up that positive outlook. Some days, it actually feels like I can’t count anyone or turn to anyone for support. With my tendency of being quiet and letting everyone else talk about their problems, I’ve grown to internalize my problems and feelings, which is not incredibly healthy.

That’s where music comes in. Music is my therapy. It cheers me up when I’m in a bad mood. It sings the words that I can’t seem to let out and all the things that I’m feeling. Over the years I’ve learned to listen to the lyrics as much, if not more than the actual song itself. I found myself drawn to songs with lyrics (even if it was just one line) that I could relate to. Even if I gave the lyrics a different meaning than what was intended (which happens quite a bit), it still became important to me because someone had given words to what I was feeling.

This reminds me of something said from One Tree Hill:

You know, I got this theory that there’s two kinds of people in the world: There are lyric people and music people. You know, the lyric people tend to be “analytical,” you know, all about the meaning of the song. They’re the ones you see with the CD insert out like five minutes after buying it, pouring over the lyrics… interpreting the hell out of everything. Then there’s the music people, who could care less what the lyrics are, just as long as it’s got like, a good beat and you could dance to it. I don’t know, sometimes it might be easier to be a music girl and not a lyric girl, but since I’m not, let me just say this: sometimes things find you when you need them to find you. I believe that. And for me, it’s usually song lyrics.

Music and lyrics are my inspiration, what gets me through tough times. Over the years, I began to compile lyrics from numerous songs and artists that served as a catharsis to explain how I felt. This is by no means a comprehensive list, because it could go on forever, but just a sampling of music + lyrics that have put into words what I could never explain about myself.


I’m asking for your help. I am going through hell. Afraid nothing can save me but the sound of your voice. – Maroon 5How

I’m getting tired of believing. Even sicker of pretending, that it’s not so bad, just wait it out. I think you’re feeding me lies again…And that’s how I feel right now, so just let me be – Kelly Clarkson “How I Feel”

Sitting in a big white room alone, Tilt my head back, feel the tears fall down. Close my eyes to see in the dark. I feel young, broken, so so scared. I don’t wanna be here anymore – Jessie J “Big White Room”

Don’t lose who you are, in the blur of the stars. Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing. It’s okay not to be okay. Sometimes it’s hard, to follow your heart. Tears don’t mean you’re losing, everybody’s bruising, just be true to who you are – Jessie J “Who You Are”

When you lose what you love, live on live on. When the road gets too rough, be strong, be strong. What you can’t understand, but you’re starting to see, it’ll work in the end, you just got to believe and keep on – Tyler Hilton “Keep On”

All my life I’ve tried to make everybody happy, while I just hurt and hide, waiting for someone to tell me it’s my turn to decide – Sara Bareilles “King of Anything”

‘Cause when you’re in your darkest hour and all of the light just fades away. When you’re like a single flower, whose colours have turned to shades of grey. Well hang on and be strong – Delta Goodrem “Be Strong”

2am, where do I begin? Crying off my face again, the silent sound of loneliness wants to follow me to bed. I’m the ghost of a girl that I want to be most. I’m the shell of a girl that I used to know well – Christina Perri “The Lonely”

The girl I used to be has a terrible case of mistaken identity. – Delta Goodrem “Mistaken Identity”

When the static clears and all is said and done, I will realize that we all need someone. So when you see me crashing and there’s nowhere left to fall, will you lift me even higher to rise above this all? – Christina Aguilera “Lift Me Up”

I’m tired of looking ‘round rooms, wondering what I’ve got to do or who I’m supposed to be. I don’t want to be anything other than me – Gavin Degraw “I Don’t Want to Be”

And I know that it’s a wonderful world but I can’t feel it right now. Well I thought that I was doing well but I just want to cry now…But who am I to dream? Dreams are for fools, they let you down – James Morrison “Wonderful World”

In my life I don’t mean much to anyone…Some people say that I’m not worth it. I’ve made mistakes but nobody’s perfect – James Morrison “One Last Chance”

Some of us we’re hardly ever here. The rest of us were born to disappear. How do I stop myself from being just a number? How will I hold my head to keep from going under? – John Mayer “Vultures”

In the night we’re all looking for a guiding light, we’re all seeking something more than right. It must be there. Everyday, we’re all trying to find a better way. We’re all hoping for someone to say we’re almost there. We believe there’s a reason that we’re all here, that every doubt will disappear. We believe that tomorrow carries something new and after everything that we’ve been through, we believe – David Cook “We Believe”

I wanna think good thoughts. I won’t let the negativity turn me into my enemy. Promise to myself that I won’t let it get the best of me. That’s how I want to be – Colbie Caillat “Think Good Thoughts”

Please remind me who I really am. Everybody’s got a dark side. Do you love me? Do you love mine? Nobody’s a picture perfect, but we’re worth it, you know that we’re worth it – Kelly Clarkson “Dark Side”

Would you face me? Make me listen to the truth even if it breaks me. You can judge me, love me. If you’re hating me, do it honestly – Kelly Clarkson “Honestly”

I’m feeling like I always see them but they can’t see me. Hello, is anybody listening? Let go, as everyone lets go of me. Won’t somebody show me that I’m not alone…Wishing I was more than what my story has told…Holding on to the memories of when I didn’t know. Ignorance isn’t wise but it beats being alone  – Kelly Clarkson “Hello”

Why do I even try when you take me for granted? I should know better by now. It’s never too late to turn it back around. Don’t bury your demons deep in the ground – James Morrison “Up”

Now in life there’s gonna be times when you’re feeling low and in your mind insecurity seems to take control. We start to look outside ourselves for acceptance and approval. We keep forgetting that the one thing we should know is, don’t be scared to fly alone, find a path that is your own. Love will open every door it’s in your hands, the world is yours. Don’t hold back and always know, all the answers will unfold – Christina Aguilera “Soar”

Now I’m sitting here alone in my bed. I’m waiting for an answer I don’t know that I’ll get. And I know there’s someone out there somewhere, who has it much worse than I do. It’s like I’m only tryin’ to dig my way out of all these things I can’t…These times will try hard to define me, but I will hold my head up high – SafetysuitThese Times

It makes me that much stronger, makes me work a little bit harder. It makes me that much wiser, thanks for making me a fighter. Made me learn a little bit faster, made my skin a little bit thicker, makes me that much smarter, so thanks for making me a fighter – Christina AguileraFighter

Hear me, I’m crying out, I’m ready now. Turn my world upside down, find me. I’m lost inside the crowd, it’s getting loud. I need you to see, I’m screaming for you to please hear me – Kelly ClarksonHear Me

Sometimes we fall, sometimes we don’t feel the crash at all. Sometimes we break, sometimes we’ve taken all that we can take. But tonight ain’t the end of the story, just keep turning the page. Don’t give into the heartache. Don’t give into the pain, this world will turn your way – Tyler HiltonThis World Will Turn Your Way

When there’s no one else, look inside yourself, and like your oldest friend, just trust the voice within. Then you’ll find the strength that will guide your way. You’ll learn to begin to trust the voice within – Christina Aguilera “The Voice Within”

I’m tired of hiding behind these lying eyes. I’m tired of this smile that even I don’t recognize – The WreckersThe Good Kind”

‘Cause someday maybe, somebody will love me like I need. And someday I won’t have to prove, ’cause somebody will see all my worth. But until then I’ll do just fine on my own – The WreckersCigarettes

Why do I try and make them happy? Why am I always playing nice? It isn’t easy trying to tell you, exactly what’s on my mind – The WreckersHard to Love You

Oh these times are hard, they’re making us crazy, don’t give up on me – The Script “For the First Time”

But I’m scared to death, that there may not be another one like this. And I confess, that I’m only hanging on by a thin, thin thread – Maroon 5 “Sad”