Comedy Season Finales

Another season has come to pass and considering I kind of forgot to blog about the season finales of Community and The Office this past Thursday, I figured I’d combine my thoughts on the season finales of my 4 favourite sitcoms of the moment into one post.

COMMUNITY: The show had a bit of a rough start in their freshman season, with episodes that were really funny followed by episodes that were not-so funny. But as it went along, it really hit its stride, which brings us to the finale. The big thing going on in the episode was that Greendale was having its “prom” or “Trannie Dance” (LOL). Britta and Professor Slater were both vying for Jeff’s affections, and both ended up professing their love for him. Jeff couldn’t choose and then we were all caught off guard when he and Annie kissed. Sure, they had already kissed early on in the season, but we sorta thought that relationship prospect was shot down because well, Annie’s supposed to only be 19 and Jeff is…well… Jeff. Anyways, along with the romantic entanglements was Troy and Abed’s usual bromantic antics. Troy was upset at Abed for not asking him to move in together next year, but Abed’s reasoning is that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Troy had to learn that the hard way after getting a stomach ache from consuming a huge cookie. I look forward to how the writers continue next season.

THE OFFICE: This season of The Office has been a little iffy for me. Sure, we had some great episodes (Jim and Pam’s wedding + the birth of their baby, come to mind immediately), but the show’s been better in past seasons. This particular episode, entitled “The Whistleblower” dealt with information being released that the Sabre printers were causing fires. Everyone immediately pointed fingers at Andy, which makes sense considering he was the one who discovered it in the first place. Turns out Darryl, Pam, and Kelly all had something to do with the news leaking. The episode was going great until it slightly diverged to focusing on Michael and Jo. Michael ended up being the one to let the public know of what the company was planning to do with the exploding printers, and Jo told Michael that she’d try to work on getting Holly back to Scranton.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: I loved the notion that Ted made in saying that their entire gang had come a long way from who they were 5 years ago. It’s certainly true, not just of the characters but of the show as well. With last night’s season finale, the show continued on its characters’ quest to find their dopplegangers. Marshall and Lily decided a couple episodes back that they would leave it up to the universe to tell them when it was time to have a baby, and when they found Barney’s doppleganger (the last one needed), that would be the universe’s sign. Right at the beginning of the episode, we see what we believe is Barney’s doppleganger, but it was actually Barney in disguise trying to pick up girls (what else is new? lol). The other big storyline of the episode was Robin being offered a lead anchor job in Chicago, and while her relationship with Don had been going great, she was once again forced to make a decision between love or career. Robin initially chose her career but then ultimately decided to choose love. Unfortunately, after she turned down the job, the offer was given to Don and he took it. One of the things I love about HIMYM is that beyond it being really funny, it also has a lot of heart. And though it is taking a really long time to find out who the mother is, the journey makes it entirely worth it.

THE BIG BANG THEORY: What’s funny about this episode is the idea that Raj and Howard were setting up Sheldon on a dating site, which promised that it can find a perfect match for anyone. Much to their surprise, the website did as it promised and seriously found a female Sheldon for Sheldon. Much to our disappointment as viewers, the exchange between Sheldon and his “perfect match” Amy Farrah Fowler (played by Blossom, Mayim Bialik) was at the very end of the episode and left things sort of hanging. Elsewhere in the episode, Penny was on a date with some new guy and later came back drunk, blaming Leonard for ruining her capacity to tolerate idiots, and then she pulled Leonard into his bedroom to have sex, only to wake up the next morning and realize that it was a drunken mistake. Season 3 has been fantastic, to say the least, for the Big Bang gang. My hope for them is that they continue this awesomeness next season, and hopefully get some Emmy love because the show most definitely deserves it.

Random TV Watching Thoughts #5

So much good (and bad) stuff on tv this week so its good to end the week with a random recap post…

  • CHUCK: This week’s episode, Chuck vs. the Beard, was definitely a game-changer. Now Morgan also knows (that is, along with Captain Awesome) that Chuck is a spy. Josh Schwartz and co. have done a great job this season keeping the essence of Chuck (meaning the nerdiness of the show) firmly in balance with this new reality of Chuck fully being a spy. And I absolutely loved Morgan’s reaction to finding out that Chuck’s a spy: “My best friend a spy?…This is the best news ever!”
  • HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Jennifer Lopez guest starred in the episode as the author of a “He’s Just Not That Into You” type book. She was funny I guess. But the best part was Marshall’s “bang, bang, bangity bang, bang, bang, bang, bangity bang…”
  • THE BIG BANG THEORY: One of the best episodes EVER! They one-upped their geekiness from last week (comic books + Stan Lee = pure geekiness) with an episode revolving around the guys fighting for possession of a Lord of the Rings ring. It’s nice to have an episode where all the characters are equally involved in the story, as opposed to having it be Sheldon-centric most of the time.
  • GOSSIP GIRL/90210/MELROSE PLACE: All three shows were back after quite a lengthy hiatus (about 3 months). Nice to see them back because it means I have something else to watch Tuesday nights (re: 90210 & MP). I don’t know but Gossip Girl and 90210 didn’t really do much for me. Well, neither did Melrose really, but at least with Melrose we finally got to see Auggie & Violet (Colin Egglesfield & Ashlee Simpson’s characters) leave. And David’s storyline for the episode was soooo predictable. Right after Lauren said (paraphrasing), “Just let it go, please” at the hospital, you just knew he was gonna go straight to her phone and find out who the guy who drugged her was.
  • MODERN FAMILY: Before this week’s episode, there was a promo that aired during the Oscars and it was just HILARIOUS. The gist of the promo is that they’re playing charades and naturally, Cam & Mitchell are awesome at it. This week’s episode was just a continuation of the show getting consistently funnier. I just love this show. If you haven’t watched it yet, you are missing out.
  • THE OFFICE: One word – Megadesk. While Jim and Pam were on leave, Dwight reorganized all 3 desks to make a command station – surveillance, gaming, business. At the end of the episode, Jim (in classic prank/retribution mode) converted the desks into Quad-desk, where 2 desks served as a base for the third one on top and between the 3 is a small mini desk. Also great, Andy’s shout-out to HIMYM!
  • COMMUNITY: Another show which references a current show that I also love. Jeff (Joel McHale’s character): “We always watched shows that she wanted to watch! I hate Glee! I hate it! I don’t understand the appeal at all!” I love Glee, but the line was just too funny. Also hilarious? Senor Chang has a brother who’s a rabbi!
  • SURVIVOR: This season is so great…but also so frustrating. We have the supposedly best players ever, but a lot of them are being idiots! The Heroes, for one, need to get their act together and learn how to beat Boston Rob at puzzles, because clearly, the Villains keep winning due to Rob’s awesome skills in figuring out puzzles. The Heroes are just making it really hard to root for them. Voting out Tom instead of James, who is INJURED?! J.T. this season is seriously making me re-consider his game in Tocantins. I mean sure we saw J.T. in the forefront that season, but was Stephen maybe the one who was the true strategist? Is this how he would have played had Stephen not been there? Oy vey. Oh, and Russell found the hidden immunity idol. Somehow, this time doesn’t feel as good as when he found it the other times last season – maybe ’cause last season he found them without clues (that’s still impressive). Another thought…Courtney is utterly useless. She’s sat out like half of all the challenges so far. She’s just lucky that the Villains keep winning.
  • AMERICAN IDOL: Idol is lucky that I have nothing else to watch from 8-10 on Tuesdays (I don’t have CW, so I watch 90210/MP online later on that night) or else I would be pretty damn close to not watching it. This season is soooo…lackluster?  That’s not even the right word. Last season as it was, would have been pretty sucky had it not been for Kris Allen, Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta (also to a lesser extent Matt Giraud – I still love his version of Part Time Lover). But this season has been ridiculous in a bad way. Why is Katelyn Epperly and Lilly Scott gone, when Paige Miles and Katie Stevens have done nothing special? Why is Tim Urban, the guy who has ruined Apologize/Come On Get Higher/Hallelujah, still here? I’m only still watching because of Crystal Bowersox & Siobhan Magnus, and to a lesser extent Andrew Garcia, Didi Benami, Lee Dewyze, Big Mike. Those are my top 6; if any of them get the boot early, this season will be an even bigger travesty than it already is. [I am so ready for the summer when all this is over and I can get back to my regular SYTYCD in its rightful summer place]. Final note: after 3 weeks of performances, can we add to the list of “songs that should never be sung again on Idol unless by the original artist,” anything by Kelly Clarkson or James Morrison.
  • FRINGE: So it’s not on again until April 1st, but it got picked up last weekend for a third season. BEST. TV. NEWS. EVER! Now, if we could do something about the show’s timeslot for next season…

That’s all for this week. Next week, most of the CBS shows are either in re-runs or not airing at all due to March Madness. FlashForward will be back on Thursday. On Greek, we meet Cappie’s parents! (I feel like this part should have prefaced with Jeff Probst or Phil Keoghan saying, “Next time on…” ahaha)