Fall TV 2015: What I’m Watching (Weekend Edition)

I finish off my Fall TV list with what I’m watching on Fridays and Sundays.


  • The Amazing Race
  • Grimm
  • Dr. Ken (NEW)

Friday nights are easy. I have my two staples in The Amazing Race and Grimm, and I’m good with that. ABC’s got another new comedy, Dr. Ken, with Ken Jeong and Albert Tsai that I’m looking forward to checking out.


  • Quantico (NEW)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Last Man on Earth
  • The Affair
  • Once Upon a Time?
  • Blood and Oil (NEW)??

I can’t wait for the return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Last Man on Earth, two of my sure things for Sunday night. And really, what better way to cap off your weekend than with some really funny shows? Well there’s also the flipside of that. I’m really eager to see what unfolds next on The Affair, a show that was really interesting to me in the way it told the story, with two viewpoints sometimes of the same events. They’re going to build upon that method of storytelling for season two, and like I said, it’ll be really interesting to see where and how things are developed.

Of the new shows, I’m definitely checking out Quantico; it does remind me of How to Get Away with Murder in its intent to show a big event (in this case, a terrorist attack) and going back in time to see how it led to the attack and who did it. Will it be as twisty as HTGAWM? Don’t know, but I hope it turns out well.

There are a couple shows airing Sundays that I’m not sure about. First is Once Upon A Time, back for its fifth season. Last season was such a drag for me. I mean, it had its moments but overall, I was so bored and tired of hearing the same things over and over again (I would love for them to kill the “Magic comes with a price” line. I feel like I’ve heard it a million times in four seasons). But then, the finale twist of Emma becoming “The Dark One” and I find myself wanting to know what happens next, so we’ll see. The second question mark (and this one actually comes with HUGE question marks) is the new show Blood & Oil. Frankly, I don’t even really care much for the premise of the show, because it sounds dated and done before. The only reason I want to watch this show is for the people involved: Chace Crawford (finally getting something to do because he was practically a secondary character on Gossip Girl by the end of it), Rebecca Rittenhouse (RIP last season’s Red Band Society), Scott Michael Foster (Cappie/Leo!), India de Beaufort (OTH), Wilson Bethel (Wade! I miss Hart of Dixie), and Barry Corbin (OTH! Whitey!), among others. I’ll stick it out for as long as I can, but it does not look promising at all.