SDCC Panel Wishlist

With all the shows getting renewed or picked-up by the network over the past couple weeks, it immediately got me thinking – what could show up at SDCC in July? I’m not gonna lie, my interest in SDCC is for all the movie and TV stuff because that’s what I geek out about. (I know, I’m part of the problem that is causing SDCC to get CRAZY popular.) With two months to go until the big Con, it’s as good a time as any to have some fun speculating what shows (old and new) the studios might bring and wishing for what shows will make their way to San Diego.


STALKER (WB): I feel like it’s not a typical show that would appear at Comic-Con but Warner Bros. has brought another similar Kevin Williamson show, The Following, two years in a row, so it’s always a possibility. Not going to lie, I want them to bring this show just for another chance to see Maggie Q, though she’ll probably be there anyways for Insurgent, the next movie in the Divergent series.

SALEM (FOX 21): Salem, WGN America’s first foray into original scripted programming, has been a hit. Fox 21, which also produces Sons of Anarchy, would be smart to bring the show to SDCC. It’s already been renewed for a second season, plus it has already appeared at sister-con Wondercon in Anaheim, so I think it’s a no-brainer. Again, I’m kinda of being entirely selfish because I want to see Shane West and Seth Gabel.

12 MONKEYS (Universal Cable/Atlas Entertainment): This is a new show that will air on SyFy next year, so I’m not entirely sure of its chances of making an appearance here. Granted, a pilot’s already been shot, so it’s possible that SyFy will give this a promotional push at SDCC like it did for Helix last year. On the other hand, SyFy might instead bring their other shows, Dominion (which premieres in June) or Ascension (which premieres in November).

GOTHAM (WB): There is absolutely no doubt that Warner Bros. will bring this show to SDCC. It is the most anticipated show of the fall season, so I’m guessing Ballroom 20 and complete excitement over it similar to SHIELD last year.

THE FLASH (WB): Another show that will without a doubt make an appearance.

AGENT CARTER (Marvel): Seeing as how a pilot hasn’t been shot yet and recent news that it will only run for eight episodes, I wouldn’t be surprised if they pair Agent Carter with SHIELD for a Marvel TV panel.

CONSTANTINE (WB): The third of four DC Comics getting the TV treatment next season will probably get a panel at SDCC as well. And come on, like the other comic inspired new shows, it’s totally playing right into the SDCC crowd.


ARROW: Following a FANTASTIC season 2, obviously the show’s gonna get another panel. I was there at last year’s panel and then saw Stephen Amell again at FanExpo in Toronto – I just can’t get enough of this cast.

SLEEPY HOLLOW: There had to have been some sort of scheduling conflict for me to have missed last year’s panel and I know people didn’t know what to expect from it. But now, with it being one of the biggest successes of the past season, it’s definitely going to move up the ranks in terms of panel size.

ORPHAN BLACK: Again, it’s another obvious choice to come back. I’ve told this story before but I can’t get over it – I vaguely knew about OB before last year’s Con, didn’t get a chance to watch it yet. My cousin had already seen it, went to their panel, tried to get wristbands for the autograph signing. When she couldn’t get the wristbands, we showed up at the signing, standing away from it and I was taking pictures of the cast for her. Little did I know that a week later when I sat down to finally watch it, I was gonna become obsessed with these people that I was taking pictures of. This year, I join my cousin in the OB obsession.

RESURRECTION: It’s a really interesting show that premiered on ABC in March and it deals with how a town reacts/deals with the return of people who previously died. As the short season went on, a lot of questions were asked and we were only given a few answers. I think it’d be cool if they had a panel and we could try to pry some answers out of the producers/writers.

I feel like those are the shows I REALLY want to see at SDCC this year. Of course, there are a few others that I wouldn’t mind seeing but aren’t necessarily at the top of my list. So with two months to go, what do you guys hope to see at Comic-Con? Which of the recently announced new shows do you think will make their debut in San Diego? Let me know in the comments!


Upfronts 2013: ABC Reveals Schedule for 2013-14 TV Season

We continue Upfronts with ABC. I’ve talked about how both NBC and FOX had some rough times this past season, but if we look simply at the pilots picked-up this time last year and which ones have survived to see another season, I think we can all agree that ABC had it the worst. None of their comedies did well, yet somehow critically-panned The Neighbors survived. Of all the dramas, only Nashville made it past its first season. This year, the network continues to try and find some future hits by adding 5 comedies and 7 dramas.

THE GOLDBERGS [Comedy – Tuesdays @ 9]: The series is inspired by executive producer Adam Goldberg’s experiences growing up in his lovingly screwed up family in the 80s. Family comedy set in the 80s, hilarity ensues? We’ll have to see.

MIXOLOGY [Comedy – Midseason]: This show follows a group of singles in a Manhattan bar, as they attempt to find love over the course of a night. Vanessa Lengies, Sarah Bolger, and Adan Canto are among the young stars of this show. We’ve seen ABC try to bring in a younger audience with some of their previous comedies – Happy Endings, Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23 – which struggled on the network. I’m hoping the network does a better job in promoting and getting the viewers they need for this show (working under the assumption that the show is good and funny).


BACK IN THE GAME [Comedy – Wednesdays @ 8:30]: Maggie Lawson stars as a recently divorced single mother, who moves in with her estranged, former baseball player of a father played by James Caan. She reluctantly gets pulled back in to the world of sports when she agrees to coach her son’s Little League team. The hook obviously involves sports, but if they can make it so that it’s not all sports metaphors/jokes all the time, this could do really well for ABC.

SUPER FUN NIGHT¬† [Comedy – Wednesdays @ 9:30]: This show about a group of three friends who vow to have a fantastically fun night, every Friday was originally developed for CBS last pilot season. After it was retooled, the show landed at ABC, with the network hoping to cash in on Rebel Wilson’s growing popularity following the success of the movie Pitch Perfect. Clearly, they are banking on this show being a hit by giving it the post-Modern Family timeslot.

TROPHY WIFE [Comedy – Tuesdays @ 9:30]: Malin Akerman is a reformed party girl when she settles down with a man (played by Bradley Whitford) with three kids and two ex-wives. The whole dysfunctional family thing isn’t anything new, so it’s mostly dependent on the writing. I’ll check it out to see how it is before committing to it.


BETRAYAL [Drama – Sundays @ 10]: A married female photographer gets caught up in an affair with a lawyer, who happens to be defending the murder suspect her husband is prosecuting. Above all else, this show will come down to execution of plot. The logline mentions a series of betrayals for everyone involved that will have catastrophic results. I feel like this is a show that will probably be better off as sort of a one-season/limited series event than a full-fledged series because I fear that at some point the story might get so convoluted and dragged out. Also, I’m really hoping for a title change; I mean, ABC already has Revenge and now they have a show called Betrayal? Let’s work on that please? Definitely doesn’t help matters that they are paired up on Sundays, back to back.


MIND GAMES [Drama – Midseason]: Christian Slater and Steve Zahn star in this series by executive producer Kyle Killen about two brothers – one an ex-con, the other a bipolar genius – who use the science of human motivation and manipulation to help their clients. Never one to give up, Slater is once again back with another new show, hoping this will be the one that will make it. The show will most likely follow a case-of-the-week style format, but with Killen (who was responsible for NBC’s Awake) at the helm, I sense that there’s going to be much more to it than that and I’m quite looking forward to how this plays out.


KILLER WOMEN [Drama – Midseason]: Tricia Helfer plays Molly Parker, the only female in the usually all male Texas Rangers. There really isn’t much else to say about it beyond that. I love my shows with strong kick-ass females in the lead, but the whole lone female in a male dominated world aspect of it just seems a little old school? It’s an idea that is very much present in today’s society, but as a TV show, it’s not much of a hook.

LUCKY 7 [Drama – Tuesdays @ 10]: It’s the TV dramatization of what happens when a group of seven people win the lottery and how their lives change. The key point being made about the show is that each episode will focus on a different character, and if the show lives on for multiple seasons, each season will look at a different group with similar circumstances. I understand that they have an idea of how to sustain the series for multiple seasons, but I feel like it’s one those ideas where it’s better off just being a one-season show or, as networks want to call it these days, limited series events. I mean you get to a certain point and it’ll feel like you’ve seen it before. I will check it out just to see how they write it, but I don’t feel good about this show lasting.

RESURRECTION [Drama – Midseason]: The lives of the people in a town called Aurora are changed when the loved ones they once buried and mourned, return to the land of the living. You have to admit that sounds really interesting and I can’t wait to see it.


ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND [Drama – Thursdays @ 8]: As the title suggests, this is a spin-off of Once Upon A Time, set in the world of Wonderland. There’s no doubt that I’ll be tuning in, given that I am a fan of OUAT. But it gives me a little pause to see that they put this in its own timeslot, instead of airing it during OUAT’s winter break, as was previously proposed/reported. Either they feel REALLY good about this show or they don’t have much faith in some of their other new dramas, particularly in this timeslot, which has been notoriously bad for the network.


MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. [Drama – Tuesdays @ 8]: The most highly anticipated show hands down of all the networks. From the moment they announced that a pilot was being made, every geek in the world knew and was anxiously awaiting official word that the show was getting picked-up. For the uninformed, this show follows the peacekeeping group known as SHIELD, found in the world of the Marvel comic books and films. And because it’s fiction, Agent Coulson (played by Clark Gregg), who was previously seen as very much dead in The Avengers film, is alive for the show! Let’s be honest though, unless the producers really screw it up, this show’s going to be a hit. Geeks FTW!


Note about the schedule:

  • In order to make room for all their new shows, ABC has cut back the slightest bit on Dancing With The Stars. I was kind of hoping that it meant they would only do the show once a year, but turns out they’re just cutting the results show. I know I bag on all the reality shows for dragging out their results shows, when you really only need to watch the last 5 minutes, but even I have to admit (after last season’s results show-less SYTYCD) that the whole process runs more smoothly when there is that separate show. I’d rather have seen it reduce to 30 minutes, as opposed to the full hour, that way we can still see the pros dance on their own (which is honestly the only thing I’ve been watching this year of DWTS).
  • Critically-panned The Neighbors, which found itself getting a second season, has been moved to Fridays @ 8:30, following Last Man Standing.
  • The heartwarming and utterly charming (and hilarious!) Suburgatory is being held off until midseason, presumably to take the place of any of the network’s other comedies that might fail (too harsh?)
  • ABC’s plan in regards to Once Upon A Time, Revenge, and Scandal, is to separate their seasons into two batches of 12 episodes, giving the shows one long winter break instead multiple little annoying breaks all season.

For more on next season’s lineup at ABC, head on over to Deadline.¬†Tomorrow, it’s CBS’ turn to take the stage.