It’s a Wrap on the Nikita Set

So today marks the last day of filming on the set of Nikita. I poured a lot into my first letter to the cast and crew back in March when we didn’t even know if we’d get a fourth season, and I had intended on only adding to that initial post for today. But I didn’t realize how much more I had to say…so here we go again (heh).

To be honest, I’m kind of in denial about them filming the end. I have been in denial the past couple weeks with the cast tweeting about the last episodes. I think I teared up just seeing the title of 4×06, Cancelled. I mean, REALLY?! How does that one word so simply encompass the show? Holding meaning within the Nikita universe, but also a tongue-in-cheek and sad reference to the state of the show after being on the bubble (also, the title of 4×05!) all these years. SO MANY FEELINGS!

I know it’s a little silly, at 25, to feel sad about a show filming its final scenes, but I’ve never been SO INVESTED in a show like I have Nikita. The closest I ever came to being this invested was Fringe, The O.C, One Tree Hill, and Chuck (yes, I do have very varied tastes in television shows), but looking back, my fan level for those didn’t come close to how I am with Nikita and this amazing cast. I don’t want to say that Nikita changed my life because it seems a little heavy-handed, but I definitely hold a special place in my heart for this show. As I said in my letter, I never realized how important it was for me to see Maggie, an Asian-American actress be the lead in a network TV show, and on top of that, see an Asian-American writer in Albert, also co-executive produce the show. I still don’t know what I’m doing with my life as far as a career, but they inspire me to at least try and find something that would allow me to work in the hard, sometimes infuriating, but ultimately satisfying world that is the entertainment industry.

For over three years, I tried to meet them in Toronto, and go figure my closest contact with them would be at the final San Diego Comic Con panel, where I got up the nerve to ask a question (however random it was), knowing that it was probably my only chance to talk to these guys. I suppose I did sort of meet Lyndsy immediately following the panel, but my interaction with her was cut incredibly short, that it barely counted (plus I had no photographic proof of it!) Thinking about it, I obviously wanted to meet the cast because I admired them so much and just wanted to be a fan, but I selfishly also wanted to get to know them beyond the glimpses we get from Twitter and interviews. Alas, I never got the chance – but hey, at least they acknowledged my existence at SDCC! (Gotta hang on to those little things…)

Thanks again for all your hard work all these years: Maggie, Shane, Lyndsy, Aaron, Devon, Noah, Melinda, Lyndie, and all the former cast members and guest stars. Thanks also extended for the creative geniuses behind the show: Craig, Albert, Carlos, all the producers involved, and writers. I’m going to miss all of you being in Toronto, working on my (and a lot of other peoples’) favourite show. I wish you all the best in your future projects and can’t wait to see the end product of your hard work on these final 6 episodes. Please come back and visit Toronto, regardless of if it is for work or not, and we’ll be more than happy to welcome you back! Just, THANK YOU for everything!

And you know what, a special shout-out to all the other Nikita fans out there! We might not have been able to get The CW to give the show more episodes (or seasons!), but we helped get it this far! No one can say that we weren’t a dedicated bunch! And when these final episodes air, let’s show everybody else who weren’t watching Nikita the past few years, what they’ve been missing out on!

Now, excuse me, while I try not to cry over the end of filming. (Full disclosure: tears were already shed writing this post.)