Random TV Watching Thoughts #3

I think these posts are becoming a recap type thing just because school is really getting all my writing attention. So random thoughts!

  • Dancing With The Stars finale was this week. And for the first time in a while, I didn’t really care who won…in the bad way. ‘Cuz like last season, I didn’t care if Shawn or Gilles or Melissa won because they were all deserving (even though yes I did really want Shawn to win). But this season, especially after the lackluster performance finale on Monday, I truly just did not care. Period. Maybe it was because of the fact that for the first time in 5 seasons we didnt have a Hough or Ballas in the finale (which always makes for completely entertaining freestyles). I dunno, overall DWTS Season 9 was just kinda meh for me
  • Speaking of meh, SYTYCD Season 6 has been off for me somehow. Maybe its the fact that I’m so used to it being a summer show that having it in the fall has thrown me off? Dancers are great, dances are good…there’s just something somewhere in this season that isn’t sitting well with me and I can’t pinpoint it.
  • FOX announced their midseason schedule and all I have to say is….I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL FREAKIN’ APRIL FOR NEW EPISODES OF GLEE????!!!! after it’s fall finale on Dec. 9th, that’s like 4.5 months of Glee withdrawal!! DAMN YOU AMERICAN IDOL! you did this to Fringe last season too!!
  • on the upside (and completely different network) Chuck is back in January!!! YAY!!!
  • How I Met Your Mother – Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap….AWESOME!! Slapsgiving is now ranked as my 2nd favourite TV holiday, right behind Chrismukkah (although granted I don’t remember other TV created holidays lol)
  • Oh! How could I forget the American Music Awards….the awards show that no one really cares about (I blame the totally ambiguous categories…like T.I. and Eminem were nominated for Best Pop/Rock Male Artist? WTF?) Performances were pretty solid, technical sound problems here and there but overall solid. Kelly Clarkson = Amazing! Carrie Underwood = Amazing! Speaking of Carrie Underwood’s performance of Cowboy Casanova, I totally loved it solely because she hired Tracy Shibata AND Dominic Chaiduang as 2 of her dancers (YAY Paris By Night dancers!!!!) Other dancers I loved seeing on the awards show: Nico Archambault & Natalli Reznik from SYTYCD Canada S1 dancing for Janet Jackson, Courtney Galliano from SYTYCD S4 dancing for Adam Lambert, Mark Kanemura from SYTYCD S4 dancing for Lady Gaga, Zach Brazenas from Paris By Night dancing for Jennifer Lopez
  • Back to Glee…I continue to love it and their song choices. Kudos for using Jennifer Paige’s song Crush. I forgot how much I used to love that song. So damn catchy.
  • After a boring start, Survivor had 3 completely kickass episodes. Early merge was a FANTASTIC idea!
  • I’ve completely given up on Heroes. I just stopped watching/caring.
  • I’ve started watching Modern Family…HILARIOUS!

I think that’s all I’ve got. Nothing else is really standing out in my mind right now. At least, nothing TV related…maybe I’ll do a music post later if I get bored writing papers for class.

Random TV Watching Thought #1

So on Thursday, I read this blog post by Michael Slezak over on EW.com and he mentioned how Grey’s Anatomy has “become the kind of show I watch more out of habit than actual enjoyment.” And well that got me thinking, there are a lot of shows that I have watched since their first seasons and only continue to do so because its become a habit.  Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Heroes….all shows I still watch and include in my personal TV schedule, but I don’t really care about them anymore. By care, I mean if I miss an episode, I’m not gonna go out of my way to catch up and see what happened. I mean Grey’s Anatomy, certainly after the whole Izzie having ghost sex was like beyond jumping the shark. Heroes suffered after 1st season (which may I add didn’t even have a good finale…a whole lotta build up for nothing) and it hasn’t fully recovered. I dunno what happened with Desperate Housewives. Somewhere along the way, I just stopped caring but continued to watch anyways.

Lately, I haven’t even watched as much America’s Best Dance Crew as I usually do. I’ll watch the routines the day after and then thats it. I have no connection with the crews and I really don’t care who wins tonight. It’s kinda weird. Maybe because after such an epic season last season, with Quest Crew and Beat Freaks, this season just feels sorta lackluster.

But yeah, just my random thought for the day. I needed to get it outta the way before I do homework….and before the season 15 premiere of THE AMAZING RACE tonight!!! LOL