5 Fandom Friday: Things I’ve Bought But Haven’t Read/Watched


This week’s 5 Fandom Friday was actually quite easy for me because I have a terrible habit of buying books and movies with every intention of reading/watching them, but it takes FOREVER for me to actually get around to doing it. I would go massively over the five if I listed everything I haven’t read or watched so instead it’s going to be a simple two: the books and the movies.

1.) Books


Some of the books I’ve bought and have not read…

I love reading, always have. Heck, I used to work at the library! What I have found lately though is that TV continuously wins over my time, so the only instances when I actually have a chance to read is when I’m traveling. Still doesn’t explain how I managed to read numerous books while I was in school, but I digress. Anyways, I’ve made a commitment to myself that I will get to reading these books that I’ve bought over the years. Not to mention the number of E-books I have too.

2.) Movies

The movies I've bought but haven't watched...

The movies I’ve bought but haven’t watched…

There’s a small chain of stores around where I live called The Beat Goes On, and they buy/sell used CDs and DVDs. Needless to say, it’s kind of my heaven – it feeds my need for new music and movies, but cheaper than going to an HMV or Wal-Mart (most of the time anyways). So that being said, I often find myself going there and picking up movies I find interesting or older movies I haven’t seen, it’s cheap, and then it ends up just sitting on my shelf. When I went through my collection to see what movies I hadn’t actually seen, I actually thought it was gonna be a lot more. Now, if I were to take a picture of the movies I had seen previously (in theatres, on TV, etc) and then bought the DVD but hadn’t watched the DVD copy, it would’ve been a much bigger pile. I don’t necessarily have time to watch everything, but I like having my collection for when I suddenly feel the urge to watch something.

For comparison's sake, my DVD collection

For comparison’s sake, my DVD collection

So that’s me, big collector of things that I have not made time for. I am terrible.

5 Fandom Friday: Fictional Couples I Ship


I must say, I’m having a lot of fun doing these 5 Fandom Friday posts! This week, in honour of Valentine’s Day (even if I think it’s a totally overrated “holiday” but mainly due to the fact that I’m perpetually single and a pessimist), it’s all about the fictional couples we ship. The pessimist that I am, is still kind of a hopeless romantic, at least when it comes to my favourite fictional couples of past and present. (Although by the looks of it, I don’t really ship any current couples. At least not more than these couples of shows past.)

1.) Nikita and Michael, Nikita


OBVIOUSLY. Favourite show, favourite couple. They would do anything for each other, which includes taking the blame for assassinating POTUS and going on the run – normal couple stuff.

2.) Haley and Nathan, One Tree Hill


Naley had just about everything happen to them in the course of 9 seasons, with so many ups and downs, and somehow managed to make it through okay, while raising two decent human beings.

3.) Pam and Jim, The Office

Do I need to even say anything? It’s Jam! We all pretty much want what they had.

4.) Olivia and Peter, Fringe


Alternate universes be damned! These two were just meant to be together! And then they had a kid that grew up to be a Disney princess 😉

5.) Tami and Eric, Friday Night Lights


I didn’t watch Friday Night Lights until well after it had aired, but once I finally got around to it, I understood what everyone was talking about. In particular, the relationship and utter awesomeness that is Mr. and Mrs. Coach. They were a real couple, who were not perfect but worked out their issues like the adults they were.

6.) Jane and Brad, Happy Endings

HappyEndings (05)

So I seemingly have trouble with keeping my lists to 5, but I HAD to include Jane and Brad! Those two crazies just got each other and funny as hell.

Not everything has to be about romantic relationships though, so in that spirit, a bonus 5 non-romantic/totally platonic pairings I love. Because sometimes the best relationships are awesome friendships.

1.) Leslie and Ron, Parks and Recreation


For 6.5 seasons, we’ve seen these workplace acquaintances grow into a wonderful friendship based on mutual respect. Ron and Leslie are complete opposites, particularly when it comes to government things, but they always seem to find common ground somewhere (i.e. their love of breakfast food).

2.) Abbie and Ichabod, Sleepy Hollow

I know there are many hardcore Ichabbie shippers, who want more out of that relationship, but frankly, I truly enjoy the fact that they are friends. The rapport that they have is like no other.

3.) Zoe and Lavon, Hart of Dixie

For all the crazy antics that happen on Hart of Dixie, it’s nice to see such a great friendship grow right from the get-go. Lavon was the first person in Bluebell to accept Zoe into the fold, but more than that, they get each other’s quirks and will begrudgingly go along with the other’s crazy plans.

4.) Harvey and Mike, Suits

The show is built on this bromance! Their natural camaraderie/chemistry is what really shines through, with Harvey sticking out his neck time and time again to save Mike’s secret from getting out. Plus, all the teasing and talking in movie quotes! They’re the best.

5.) Nikita and Alex, Nikita


From the very beginning, these two had each other’s back. Even when they were seemingly on the outs, they were still there for each other. And when Nikita needed help at the end to take down all the members of The Group, she didn’t turn to Michael, she went to Alex. Supportive while kicking ass along the way – what more do you want?


5 Fandom Friday: Funko Pop Figures


I wasn’t planning on doing this week’s Fandom 5, mainly because I have yet to start a collection of Funko POPs despite thinking that a lot of them are really cute. But there was an announcement earlier this week that made me change my mind. So though I don’t have any favourites at this very moment, there are some POP figures I really like and A LOT that will be coming out this year that I actually can’t wait to get my hands on.


There’s going to be OB Funko POPs?! Well I’m sold! Funko (via Nerdist) announced at the beginning of the week that they will be releasing POP versions of Sarah, Cosima, Allison, Helena, and Rachel sometime this month and I honestly can’t wait to get my collection started now! Though what is still missing from this collection is Felix, but there will come a time for that.


This was announced at the end of 2014, I believe. At the time, I thought this was going to be what started my collection because as a fan of the show, of course I want POP versions of Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, and Joey! Funko just needs to tell me when exactly these are coming out.


I’ve always loved Cinderella; loved the Disney cartoon as a kid. This March, Disney will be releasing a new live action/non-animated version of Cinderella, and with that, POP figures to go along with. Though I really do like the new Cinderella figure, I particularly like (and want) Gus Gus in the Glass Slipper – so damn adorable!

4.) Past Disney POPs

While looking through all the Funko POPs (of which there are A LOT), I came across a couple of old figures that I’m now going to be on the lookout for in stores, at Cons, or Amazon. There’s Lilo and Stitch, Boo from Monsters Inc, Thumper from Bambi, Mrs. Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast. SO MANY.

5.) Coming Soon or Non-Existent

Other POP figures that are coming out this year (according to PopVinyls) and that I can’t wait to see, are figures for: TV Arrow (there better be a Felicity Smoak figure!) and The Flash, Mulan, Saved by the Bell, Tangled, Clueless, and The Breakfast Club. But there are also figures I want to wish into existence. I’d love for there to be an Agent Carter POP. I remember seeing on Twitter last year someone made their own Agent May from SHIELD, and I SO want that to be a real thing. Of course I’d love to see Nikita, but that’s just wishful thinking. I feel like Sleepy Hollow figures will be just a matter of time, and that they will happen at some point. Oh and how are there no Harry Potter ones? (Or is that a legal thing?)

Soooo basically, by the looks of it, this is the year Funko begins to steal all my money. It was inevitable, but everything’s just so cute!

5 Fandom Friday: Songs That Changed My Life


Music has always been such a huge part of my life. I can’t do anything without having music on in the background. Music has this way of making you feel things: joy, sadness, anger, nostalgia – in a lot of ways, it’s very therapeutic. In any case, this week’s Fandom 5 was a simultaneously fun and daunting task. How am I supposed to pick FIVE songs that changed my life, in any way shape or form? And what songs should I pick? Well, here it goes.

1. Bao Han & Don Ho, Lien Khuc Thien Dang Ai An

Vietnamese music was my gateway to all music and in particular, pop music. As a first generation Vietnamese-Canadian, one of the ways that my parents used to make sure I still knew my Vietnamese background was through Paris By Night. I feel like this was one of the first songs that I actually remember listening to when I was a kid and both of these singers became my favourite Vietnamese singers. Because of my early exposure to it, I still listen to Vietnamese music regularly, which I can’t say the same for a lot of other people my age.

2. Britney Spears, Baby One More Time

It seems a little funny to be including this song, but it did impact my life. Growing up, obviously I listened to music but it was more passively than anything, I feel. Then Britney got introduced to the pop music world, with this song and things changed. 1999 was the height of teen pop music, with NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, among others all making their marks on the scene. With Britney and this song, I became a whole-hearted fan of someone/something.

3. Christina Aguilera, Fighter

For the longest time I was Team Britney all the way. But then I saw Christina Aguilera in concert (when she did the Justified and Stripped tour with Justin Timberlake) and I became a fan with no allegiance to one particular “pop princess”. This song was what turned me into a fan, with its rock-infused pop that makes it a great song to let off some steam. It’s an anthem for all of us, to not let anyone get us down and keep fighting. The sheer power of Christina’s voice mixed with the rock sound of the song is what makes it so amazing, and even more-so when you hear her perform it live.

4. Kelly Clarkson, Because of You

Kelly singing “Without You” on American Idol sealed it for me as a fan. Post-Idol though, I loved her debut album, Thankful, but I think we can all agree that Breakaway, her 2nd album, was a turning point. There was just so much honesty and truths in this album that I could relate to on some level. But with this song, I attached my own experiences at that point in my life to it, and it grew into this big emotional song for me. Honestly, I can’t even hear this song without tearing up, and it gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME.

5. Maroon 5, This Love

This song made me a fan for life, from the very moment I watched them perform this on TRL (hey, remember TRL?) At the time, it was everything I didn’t know I wanted from pop music: the fusion of pop, rock, soul in a completely different way from that of JT or Kelly Clarkson. It’s a definitive M5 sound that’s been an inspiration to other pop/rock bands.

6. Justin Timberlake, Like I Love You

Ok, so I’m cheating a little by adding one more song but I can’t help it! JT made a seamless transition from a member of NSYNC to a solo artist with this song. For me, this song will always hold a special place in my heart because it marked the beginning of my life in high school and my Dance Crew life. As it was, I was already learning the choreography from the music video, and then when I tried out for Dance Crew, as luck would have it, they taught a combo to this song. After that, I spent the remainder of my four years being a part of Dance Crew, who became my second family. All the good and bad memories from my high school years started with this song.


5 Fandom Friday: My Favourite Holiday Songs


For a couple months now, The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick have put together a link-up, 5 Fandom Friday, each week with a different theme. I’ve been neglecting it but no more – starting December right with my first 5 Fandom Friday post! Now, I admittedly can sometimes be a grump about Christmas-related things. Some people will listen to Christmas music as early as November 1st; I, on the other hand, consider two weeks before Christmas to be an acceptable time-frame, but that’s just me. Anyways, that being said, I give you my 5 favourite holiday pop songs, and just because I feel like cheating a little bit, my 5 favourite classic holiday songs!


  1. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (NSYNC) – I’m sorry, but as far as original Christmas songs goes, it does not get any better than this song. I’m a little biased because I love NSYNC, but tell me this song doesn’t instantly put a smile on your face and get you excited for the holidays! Or how about that hilarious music video? (Oh the 90s…)
  2. All I Want for Christmas is You (Mariah Carey) – An original song that became a classic. Who doesn’t love this song?
  3. Last Christmas (Wham) – It’s kind of a sad Christmas song, wrapped in an upbeat pop tune, but I love it nonetheless. For some reason, this is one of the first Christmas songs I ever knew (I call it a mix of my sister being a George Michael fan, plus hearing a cover of it by one of my favourite Vietnamese singers – my influences as a kid are so varied, you don’t even know).
  4. Christmas Time (Christina Aguilera) – “There’ll be family, and Christmas cheer/Peace and good will to all man/ Everybody is home for Christmas/It’s Christmas time.” A perfectly solid pop/R&B song that sums up Christmas.
  5. My Favorite Things (Kelly Clarkson) – Was this song always considered a holiday song? I don’t really know, but it is now! Of course only Kelly Clarkson could get me to listen to Christmas songs early when she released her holiday album “Wrapped in Red” last year, and I instantly fell in love with her jazz-y version of this song.



No explanations necessary. I just love these songs.*

  1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  2. Silent Night
  3. The Christmas Song
  4. White Christmas
  5. O Holy Night – *Though for what it’s worth, I LOVE NSYNC’s acapella version of this song.