Fall TV 2016: What I’m Watching

The new TV season is officially upon us! Now, at the beginning of the year, the Canadian TV companies officially converted everything over to digital, so I’ve basically been without cable all year. No cable meant me watching everything online, after the fact. Also, with my busy schedule that’s going to keep on for some time, I don’t have the time that I used to to watch everything. So basically with this new TV season, I am trying to be super picky about what shows I’m devoting my time to. So what returning shows am I still sticking with this fall? And which new shows are on my list to check out?


  • Supergirl
  • Jane the Virgin
  • Conviction [NEW]

Despite Supergirl‘s move to the CW, my Monday nights stay firmly in tact. Hayley Atwell’s American accent might take some getting used to, but I’m all in for Conviction. I also intend on watching DWTS, but that’s been relegated to YouTube video status – I don’t have the time to watch the full telecast.


  • Fresh Off the Boat
  • Agents of SHIELD
  • The Flash
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • No Tomorrow [NEW]*
  • This Is Us [NEW]*
  • The Mindy Project

Tuesdays, still full. I’m not so sure how much I’ll like No Tomorrow or This Is Us, but I’m very much willing to give it a chance. Everything else is just returning shows.


  • Survivor
  • Arrow
  • Black-ish
  • Empire*
  • Designated Survivor [NEW]
  • Speechless [NEW]*
  • Frequency [NEW]*
  • Salem
  • You’re the Worst

How did Wednesdays become so full? I feel like I say that all the time, but it’s still true. Salem‘s not back until November, and You’re the Worst might be done by then, but I’m still not incredibly happy that Salem is adding to my Wednesday load. Season 2 of Empire was not great, so it’s on my list for now, in hopes that it gets back to what made it great in S1. Not sure about Speechless or Frequency, but willing to give it a shot.


  • Legends of Tomorrow*
  • Notorious [NEW]*
  • Pitch [NEW]
  • Superstore
  • The Good Place [NEW]
  • How to Get Away With Murder*

Pitch and The Good Place look really good. Haven’t heard great things about Notorious, but for Piper Perabo and Daniel Sunjata, I’m giving it a chance. Legends of Tomorrow was off and on for me last season; I’m hoping it gets into a consistent creative flow in S2. As for How to Get Away With Murder? I feel like it went off the rails in S2, that I’m not even entirely sure I want to watch S3. If the first episode gives me a compelling reason to watch, then I’ll stick to it; otherwise, it’s getting the axe from me.


Ummm, with the final season of Grimm being relegated to midseason, I’ve got nothing. Catch-up day it is.


  • Last Man on Earth
  • Quantico*
  • Westworld [NEW]*

Quantico started off so well, and yet somewhere along the way, it became a soap opera mess. I desperately want it to do better in S2, but if it becomes ridiculous, it’s getting cut too. I don’t know much about Westworld, though it does look interesting, so give it a chance I will.

Starting off the season with 28 shows. How many will stay on my watch list by midseason? I guess we’ll just wait and see.

Upfronts 2016: Looking Ahead to the 2016-17 TV Season

Every year in the middle of May, the TV networks do their big presentations and announcements, handing out renewals and pilot pick-ups, while cancelling other shows. For the past 5 years, I’ve been doing posts with my thoughts and reactions to their proposed new season schedule, every day to correspond with each network’s presentation. This year, with so much going on in my personal life, in lieu of my usual day-by-day posts, I’m going to streamline it and pack it all into one big post, after the fact. Snap judgments on the new shows and quick thoughts on the fall schedule.


RENEWED: American Crime, Black-ish, The Catch, Dr. Ken, Fresh Off the Boat, The Goldbergs, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Last Man Standing, Agents of SHIELD, The Middle, Modern Family, Once Upon a Time, Quantico, The Real O’Neals, Scandal; The Bachelor, DWTS, Shark Tank

CANCELLED: Agent Carter, Castle, The Family, Galavant, The Muppets, Nashville


  • Conviction [Drama – Mondays @ 10] – Hayley Atwell will still be on ABC, despite Agent Carter being cancelled. With her as lead of this legal drama, and with a cast the includes Merrin Dungey (Francie from Alias!), Daniel DiTomasso (Killian from Witches of East End!), Shawn Ashmore (Iceman!), Eddie Cahill (Tag from Friends!), Emily Kinney, Manny Montana (Johnny from Graceland!), I need nothing else to tune in. It is going to take some getting used to, not hearing Hayley talk in her regular British accent.
  • American Housewife [Comedy – Tuesdays @ 8:30] – This used to be called The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport, so you can take a gander at what this show is about. I just don’t know what other comedy can be mined from housewives and suburbia that hasn’t been done before. And I didn’t really laugh at any of the jokes in the trailer, so I think I’m gonna pass.
  • Speechless [Comedy – Wednesdays @8:30] – A comedy that revolves around a family with a special-needs child. Not gonna lie, I’m worried about the quality of the jokes. However, Minnie Driver in a comedy got me thinking about her last show, About A Boy, which I loved, and the trailer kinda gives off those same kinda vibes, so I’m not gonna dismiss it entirely.
  • Designated Survivor [Drama – Wednesdays @ 10] – Washington politics? Whatever. But this cast (Kiefer Sutherland, Maggie Q, Italia Ricci, Kal Penn, Natascha McElhone, Adan Canto)? A++
  • Notorious [Drama – Thursdays @ 9] – Criminal law and the media intersect with Daniel Sunjata and Piper Perabo (two more of my favs from the USA network!) starring. Count me in.
  • Downward Dog [Midseason] – The dog talks, confessional-style. Suurrreee…..And the trailer does nothing for me.
  • Imaginary Mary [Midseason] – A CGI creature in a regular comedy. Suurrreee…..The trailer also does nothing for me, except for “WHHHHYYYY?”
  • Still Star-Crossed [Midseason] – What happens to the Montagues and Capulets after the death of Romeo and Juliet? This series aims to show just that. I think younger me might’ve been interested in this, now not so much.
  • Time After Time [Midseason – Sundays @ 9] – Something about H.G. Wells and Jack the Ripper, travelling to the present? Meh.

Quick Thoughts on the Schedule:

  • I still can’t believe they cancelled Agent Carter! I don’t care that Hayley has another show regardless, I wanted her to have both because I don’t like a world in which we don’t get to see more of Peggy, Jarvis, and Sousa. Not to mention, we’ll never get to see how SHIELD came to be.
  • Speaking of SHIELD, the show moving to Tuesdays @ 10 might seem weird at first, but considering ABC’s horrible luck at putting a new show in the timeslot for the past few years, the move was inevitable.
  • Shondaland TGIT is put on hold for the fall, as Scandal moves to midseason due to “scheduling” as they officially put it, but as we all know it’s really to accomodate Kerry Washington’s pregnancy.


RENEWED: 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory, Blue Bloods, Code Black, Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Elementary, Hawaii Five-0, Life in Pieces, Madam Secretary, Mom, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, The Odd Couple, Scorpion; Survivor, The Amazing Race

CANCELLED: CSI Cyber, The Good Wife, Mike & Molly, Person of Interest, Rush Hour

FATE UNKNOWN:  Limitless


  • Kevin Can Wait [Comedy – Mondays @ 8:30; 8 after football]  – Never been a Kevin James fan, so this is of no interest to me.
  • Man With a Plan [Comedy – Mondays @ 8:30] – Joey Tribbiani as a dad? Time fly by or what?! Obviously checking it out.
  • Bull [Drama – Tuesdays @ 9] – Michael Weatherly plays a fictionalized version of Dr. Phil. Pass.
  • The Great Indoors [Comedy – Thursdays @ 8:30] – Joel McHale plays a boss to millenials. So Jeff Winger 2.0? I worry a little about the tone, being that it’s on CBS, but I’ll check it out.
  • Pure Genius [Drama – Thursdays @ 10] – A tech titan and a veteran surgeon open up a hospital with a newer approach to medicine. Doesn’t really appeal to me, I’m afraid. But how do I say no to a show that has Odette Annable and Brenda Song within its cast, and is executive produced by Jason Katims? I can’t, so I’m gonna have to give it a shot.
  • MacGyver [Drama – Fridays @ 8] – Has the name going for it, but with massive retooling being done, the pickup seems odd.
  • Doubt [Drama – Midseason] – Not a fan of Katherine Heigl. Pass.
  • Training Day [Drama – Midseason] – Takes the name and conceit of the movie for brand recognition, otherwise has nothing to do with the movie or the characters. Sure you’ve got Bill Paxton in the Denzel-like role, but why bother?

Quick Thoughts on the Schedule:

  • CBS has never really been my network of choice, what with all the procedurals and kinda lame comedies. There are exceptions to those of course, but majority of the shows are just not my cup of tea and they all just meld together in my mind.
  • The Amazing Race is being pushed until midseason? Say what now?! For the past three years, I’ve gotten TAR pretty much year-round (U.S. fall and winter, Canada summer). I don’t accept this at all.
  • The network is looking for a new home for freshman series, Limitless. Why they didn’t renew it is mind-bloggling. But not even admitting that they are canceling it? Infuriating.


RENEWED: Bob’s Burgers, Bones, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Empire, Family Guy, Gotham, The Last Man on Earth, Lucifer, New Girl, Rosewood, Scream Queens, The Simpsons, Sleepy Hollow; Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, MasterChef Junior

CANCELLED: Bordertown, The Cleveland Show, Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life, Grandfathered, The Grinder, Second Chance


  • Lethal Weapon [Drama – Wednesdays @ 8] – Fits right in with the buddy cop dynamic of most TV cop shows lately, with added brand name quality. Will watch the pilot (even though the trailer was probably enough) but it’s gotta have something extra to make me want to tune in regularly. Otherwise, it’s just another dude cop show to me, and I don’t need that.
  • Pitch [Drama – Thursdays @ 9] – Baseball may not be exactly my thing, but a show about a woman making the Major Leagues? Sign me up! The preview looks absolutely great for it!
  • The Exorcist [Drama – Fridays @ 9] – Not my type of show.
  • Son of Zorn [Comedy – Sundays @ 8:30] – Animated Barbarian father comes home to live-action ex-wife and son. Man, are they pulling out the weird, or what? I honestly have no idea what to make of it. From the trailer, I already get the sense that it’s not for me.
  • 24: Legacy [Drama – Midseason, Mondays @ 8] – I was never really interested in the original 24, I don’t know why, but maybe I’ll get into this spinoff. I mean, the cast (Corey Hawkins, Miranda Otto, Jimmy Smits) is a pretty solid one, so we’ll see.
  • APB [Drama – Midseason, Mondays @ 9] – A tech billionaire buys a police precinct, in hopes to get justice for the death of his friend. Off of the previews, with some of the tech being used, reminds me of Almost Human but obviously not so futuristic sci-fi. I’ll give it a shot, but I don’t expect much.
  • The Mick [Comedy – Midseason, Tuesdays @ 8:30] – A woman is tasked with taking care of her imprisoned sister’s spoiled kids. Comedy ensues? Hope so. Sustainable? Well, the preview looks like the show would be a better movie than a series, but what do I know?
  • Shots Fired [Drama – Spring, Wednesdays @ 8] – The whole investigating shootings in a small-town and dealing with the media, seems both timely and played out somehow. It looks like it could be a really good show, just maybe not for me.
  • Star [Drama – Midseason, Wednesdays @ 9] – A music-based drama, which centers on three girls who hope to rise to fame. Put more focus on the music and the industry, and character development, less on the crazy drama, and I’m in.
  • Prison Break [Midseason, Thursdays @ 9] – Like the X-Files series event, this is another limited event continuation of the old show, set years later. Didn’t care for it then, don’t really care now.
  • Making History [Comedy – Midseason, Sundays @ 8:30] – They had me with Adam Pally time-traveling comedy.

Quick Thoughts on the Schedule

  • I don’t think I have ever been so conflicted about a show’s renewal than I have with Sleepy Hollow. On the one hand, I still love the people working on the show. On the other hand, season 3 was on/off, and letting go of Nikki Beharie (a critical, if not the most important aspect of the show) was kind of the final straw. The show won’t come back until midseason, so we’ll see how I feel then.
  • It’s a bummer that the network canceled Grandfathered and The Grinder. Grandfathered was a really sweet comedy, while The Grinder kind of redefined the meaning of meta.


RENEWED: The Blacklist, Blindspot, The Carmichael Show, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., Grimm, Law & Order: SVU, Shades of Blue, Superstore; The Voice, Hollywood Game Night, Little Big Shots

CANCELLED: Crowded, Game of Silence, Heartbeat, The Mysteries of Laura, Telenovela, Undateable


  • Timeless [Drama – Mondays @ 10] – Lots of time travel happening this season. This one seems the strongest of the bunch, giving me 12 Monkeys-vibes (without the virus stuff). I already have a favourite time-travel show so it will have to do a lot to overcome the comparisons, for me anyways, and make me see it as a separate thing. But, Abigail Spencer!
  • This Is Us [Drama – Tuesdays @ 9] – Follows a group of people who cross paths and have their lives intertwine in different ways. I like Mandy Moore, Milo Ventigmilia, and Justin Hartley, so I’ll give it a shot. Some people have said that the trailer reminds them of Parenthood; I personally don’t see it. I do need to see more of the overall product to really judge it.
  • The Good Place [Comedy – Thursdays @ 8:30] – Kristen Bell and Ted Danson in a comedy about the afterlife, from Michael Schur (Parks and Rec!) SOLD
  • Taken [Drama – Midseason, Mondays @ 10] – We’re looking at the life of younger Bryan Mills, 30 years before he became that guy in the movie series. Do we really need this show? My gut says not really.
  • The Blacklist: Redemption [Drama – Midseason] – Don’t watch The Blacklist to begin with, so no interest.
  • Chicago Justice [Drama – Midseason] – Hard pass.
  • Emerald City [Drama – Midseason] – The Oz “event series” was picked-up, cancelled, and then picked-up again. We’ll see, I guess? Not a lot of faith here.
  • Great News [Comedy – Midseason] – Briga Heelan and Andrea Martin, in a mother-daughter workplace comedy from Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. I’m in.
  • Marlon [Comedy – Midseason] – Loosely based on Marlon Wayans’ real life. Willing to give it a shot.
  • Midnight, Texas [Drama – Midseason] – Based on Charlaine Harris’ series (the one that isn’t True Blood), focuses on a town full of vampires, witches, psychics, and such. Checking it out purely for Arielle Kebbel, Sarah Ramos, and Dylan Bruce.
  • Powerless [Comedy – Midseason] – Office comedy set around the regular people who have to deal with the aftermath of DC superhero fights. That is so ripe with jokes, I have to check it out.
  • Trial & Error [Comedy – Midseason] – Big city lawyer working on a murder trial in a small town. Classic fish-out-of-water stuff. If it doesn’t do the obvious jokes, then it stands a chance.

Quick Thoughts on the Schedule:

  • It’s nice to see that NBC is trying to get back into Thursday night comedies, with Superstore and The Good Place.
  • Can’t believe it took them so long to renew The Carmichael Show, a comedy that is so current and topical, even when it looks like an old-school sitcom. To think that it is now NBC’s longest running comedy (with its 3rd season renewal) certainly says a lot of the network’s current state.
  • I still need them to scale back on The Voice. There’s been so much TV that I’ve pretty much stopped watching it simply because I don’t have time for it. Not to mention, I am definitely feeling the burnout from it.


RENEWED: The 100, Arrow, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, iZombie, Jane the Virgin, The Originals, Reign, Supergirl (!), Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries

CANCELLED: Containment


  • No Tomorrow [Comedy – Tuesdays @ 9]Opposites attract: risk-aversed girl meets carefree guy who thinks the apocalypse is coming. Watching for Joshua Sasse, since Galavant got cancelled.
  • Frequency [Drama – Wednesdays @ 9] – Don’t remember watching the original movie that the show is based on, but the preview seems interesting enough.
  • Riverdale [Drama – Midseason] – A modern take on the Archie gang that has the small-town be more than its wholesome appeal? Oh, and it’s yet ANOTHER show from Greg Berlanti? Yeah, okay, I’m in.

Quick Thoughts on the Schedule

  • Supergirl is where it finally belongs – on the CW! The audience that CBS wanted for the show wasn’t quite there, but it fits so much better here with its DC superhero cohorts. Epic crossover between Supergirl/The Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow to be expected, though let’s be real, all we really want is a big musical episode. How much the show itself will change with the network move is certainly the biggest question. Moving the filming to Vancouver, lesser budget, and possibly less Calista Flockhart/Cat Grant (who reportedly took the show because it filmed in LA)? We’ll have to wait and see
  • Schedule-wise: I love the CW pairing Supergirl and Jane the Virgin. I mean, I was watching it that way anyways, so thanks to them for letting me keep my schedule as is there.
  • iZombie being held off until midseason? I don’t like it.

And that’s the rundown of what next season will look like!

Checking In on the 2015 Fall TV Season

We’re nearly three months into the new TV season! With November sweeps now behind us and heading towards winter hiatus, I figured now would be as good time as any to check in. During premiere week, I set out with all the shows I was planning on watching, both old and new. Now, I’m pretty set on what I’m still watching and what I’m dropping. By the looks of it, I’m being pretty picky about what I’m watching, so let’s just recap and take a look shall we?


  • The Voice – Kinda, sorta, not really watching. I hate to say it, but I really do think I’m getting burned out on singing competitions. I want to watch it, but with the other stuff I’m watching, I don’t actually get around to it. So basically, I’m not committed to this season.
  • Dancing With The Stars – Kinda, sorta watching. I may still have some issues with DWTS (namely certain song choices – I’m convinced I can do a better job choosing songs), but I found myself enjoying this season quite a bit. Not to mention, I still love my Pro Dancers.
  • Blindspot (NEW; Full season ordered) – Dropped. I am intrigued in the mystery side of things (Who is Jane Doe? How did she lose all her memories and get all these tattoos that somehow relate to other stuff? etc.) Other than that, there’s something about it that just doesn’t sit well with me. Not in an offensive way, just something just doesn’t work for me. At one point I think I referred to it as ‘Chuck meets Memento’, which is kinda weird to be honest.
  • Minority Report (NEW; Episode order cut to 10) – Dropped. I had high hopes for this show, but again, something about it just didn’t work for me. Doesn’t look like it’s going to make it anyways.
  • Jane the Virgin – Still watching. Still sweet, cute, heartwarming, and funny. I love this show.
  • Supergirl (NEW; Full season ordered) – Watching. It’s without a doubt, one of my faves this season. I love that it kinda took the positivity of The Flash and kicked it up a notch. Plus, the female relationships are absolutely wonderful to see.
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (NEW) – Dropped. Watched the pilot and I didn’t like it.
  • Gotham? – Yeah, despite some people saying that this season is better than last, I have yet to bring myself to actually watch any of it.


  • Fresh Off the Boat – As hilarious as last season.
  • The Flash – I am loving the Earth-1/Earth-2 alt universe storyline, but then again, as a huge Fringe fan, it’s just totally up my alley.
  • Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – Still watching it. I was initially a little bit worried about the multiple storylines they were juggling, but then it all connected recently, and I could not be happier with how things have been going.
  • iZombie – The cast and the writers are clearly having a ball making the show, and you can see it in the finished product. Still a lot of fun.
  • Limitless (NEW; Full season ordered) – Watching. It is by no means the greatest show, but it knows what it is doing and incredibly fun/entertaining to watch. My only real nitpicking with the show is that Jake McDorman’s Brian Finch is such a Cappie (McDorman’s character’s frenemy on Greek), and I keep saying “Why is Evan Chambers being like Cappie?” at least once every week.
  • The Mindy Project – Still watching, still funny. Though the switch to Hulu has made it difficult for this Canadian to keep up every week.
  • The Muppets (NEW) – Dropped. I said before that I was never really that into the Muppets growing up, so I didn’t have the same nostalgia factor that a lot of people had coming into the show. I watched a couple of episodes and found it just okay.
  • Grandfathered (NEW; Full Season Ordered) – Watching. I like the chemistry between John Stamos, Josh Peck, and Paget Brewster. The show seems sure of itself and that counts for a lot, especially with a new comedy.
  • The Grinder (NEW; Full Season Ordered) – Watching…for now. Again, I like Rob Lowe and Fred Savage, and it’s got a lot of funny moments. What kind of bothers me is that I’m not really sure what kind of show it is striving to be. I thought they were selling the show as a family comedy of sorts, but turns out it is that mixed with workplace comedy and satire.
  • Scream Queens (NEW) – Dropped. I was already not entirely sold on the show, and as I watched the first two episodes, I couldn’t get over the fact that all the characters were super annoying. I know they’re supposed to be like these caricatures, but I just could not stand it.
  • Wicked City (NEW; Cancelled) – As the reviews came out, it was made clear that the show was terrible. And you know, sometimes I’ll still check out some of it, just to see for myself, but with my Tuesdays as they are I just couldn’t bother.


  • Arrow – I still love watching it. I know there are some people who don’t really like it as much anymore, and I’ll admit that it still does have its flaws, but overall it’s still enjoyable.
  • Survivor – This season has been FANTASTIC! This being Second Chance, the players have come back playing a pretty unique game, and the outcome is just so fascinating.
  • Empire – There’s something about season 2 that feels off to me, compared to the first season. But the show is still incredibly entertaining and great to watch. Also, Cookie Lyon/Taraji P. Henson.
  • Modern Family – I’m not entirely sure why I still watch it because it has been incredibly hit and miss. It’s pretty much background at this point.
  • Black-ish – The show has been on such a roll going into its second season. It’s even more sure of itself than it was before, being consistently funny while tackling issues like gun control and religion, among other things.
  • Nashville – I’ve been sort of keeping up on the show, mainly watching like two episodes at a time, when I remember to watch it. Almost every character, except Rayna (because Connie Britton y’all), maybe Deacon, and Avery, is getting on my nerves. Pair that with some odd storyline decisions and I’m verrrryyyy close to dropping this show altogether.
  • You’re the Worst – How a comedy manages to still be completely funny, while dealing with such a dark and serious subject such as clinical depression is beyond me, but YTW has done just that. It was a risky story decision, but one that has paid off as the show was recently renewed for a third season.
  • Kingdom – I haven’t actually watched this new season. With everything that’s already on, I just figured it’d be best if I wait it out and watch all of season 2 once it’s done.


  • Sleepy Hollow – I felt that season 2 was a bit off/on, but still enjoyed it. Season 3 has been consistently good, as I feel like it was able to get out of its own way, and do things that weren’t necessarily tied into the Horsemen.
  • How to Get Away With Murder – I’m sure what a lot of people liked about the first season was how twisty the mystery was; that and Viola Davis’ performance. Davis continues to own this show like no other. The twists in season 2 however, have gotten increasingly complicated, and sometimes I honestly just laugh at what’s going on and let it be what it is. Also, let’s be real: how long can the show possibly continue in its current state without the main characters either going to jail, moving/getting away from the entire situation, or getting murdered themselves?
  • Scandal – I’m still watching it, but it just doesn’t interest me in the same way that it used to.
  • Heroes Reborn (NEW) – Dropped. I managed to get through maybe four episodes before I realized that really, nothing had changed from when it went off the air. Too many storylines, undeveloped characters, overall nonsense; even my love of Zachary Levi and Dylan Bruce couldn’t keep me watching.
  • The Big Bang Theory – Another long-running comedy that’s kinda losing steam. I still watch it, it still has its funny moments, but I don’t pay much attention when I’m watching it.


  • The Amazing Race – Even a so-so season like this one, I always watch Race.
  • Grimm – I find that Grimm is so dependable and consistent. Even with its case-of-the-week stories, they still manage to move the mythology and personal character developments forward.
  • Dr. Ken (NEW; Full Season Ordered) – Dropped. There were some things in the first few episodes I watched that I was amused by (pretty much anything that involved Albert Tsai – I still miss Trophy Wife), but it was just whatever for me, so I stopped watching.


  • Quantico (NEW; Full Season Ordered) – Watching. For how much I didn’t like Joshua Safran’s previous work (the later seasons of Gossip Girl, Smash season 2), I’m surprised by how much I enjoy watching this show. Some things are a little on the ridiculous side, but I just kinda roll with it because they do move things along at a quick pace. Much like HTGAWM, I’m curious to what its future could possibly look like, seeing as how it is very specific in its storytelling at the moment. At this moment however, I’m sticking by it and worry about the future later.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Still one of my favourites.
  • The Last Man on Earth – The show is still pretty weird, given of course the premise of the show; but it’s still very funny and sure of itself.
  • The Affair – Adding the additional viewpoints of Helen and Cole has elevated the show, I feel. From the beginning, I found the dual viewpoints to be such an intriguing aspect of the show. Now having four (but still two within each episode), adds more depth and dimension to this story and these characters.
  • Once Upon a Time? – I tried watching the premiere and once we found out the whole time jump/characters lost their memories AGAIN(???!!!), I rolled my eyes and stopped watching. I’ve been curious to see how everything has played out, so I randomly read episode recaps, which only makes me happy that I spend the 5 minutes reading, as opposed to the hour watching, because things have only gotten even more ridiculous it seems.
  • Blood and Oil (NEW; Episode order cut)?? – I like the cast but I could not get through the pilot.


Fall TV 2015: What I’m Watching (Weekend Edition)

I finish off my Fall TV list with what I’m watching on Fridays and Sundays.


  • The Amazing Race
  • Grimm
  • Dr. Ken (NEW)

Friday nights are easy. I have my two staples in The Amazing Race and Grimm, and I’m good with that. ABC’s got another new comedy, Dr. Ken, with Ken Jeong and Albert Tsai that I’m looking forward to checking out.


  • Quantico (NEW)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Last Man on Earth
  • The Affair
  • Once Upon a Time?
  • Blood and Oil (NEW)??

I can’t wait for the return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Last Man on Earth, two of my sure things for Sunday night. And really, what better way to cap off your weekend than with some really funny shows? Well there’s also the flipside of that. I’m really eager to see what unfolds next on The Affair, a show that was really interesting to me in the way it told the story, with two viewpoints sometimes of the same events. They’re going to build upon that method of storytelling for season two, and like I said, it’ll be really interesting to see where and how things are developed.

Of the new shows, I’m definitely checking out Quantico; it does remind me of How to Get Away with Murder in its intent to show a big event (in this case, a terrorist attack) and going back in time to see how it led to the attack and who did it. Will it be as twisty as HTGAWM? Don’t know, but I hope it turns out well.

There are a couple shows airing Sundays that I’m not sure about. First is Once Upon A Time, back for its fifth season. Last season was such a drag for me. I mean, it had its moments but overall, I was so bored and tired of hearing the same things over and over again (I would love for them to kill the “Magic comes with a price” line. I feel like I’ve heard it a million times in four seasons). But then, the finale twist of Emma becoming “The Dark One” and I find myself wanting to know what happens next, so we’ll see. The second question mark (and this one actually comes with HUGE question marks) is the new show Blood & Oil. Frankly, I don’t even really care much for the premise of the show, because it sounds dated and done before. The only reason I want to watch this show is for the people involved: Chace Crawford (finally getting something to do because he was practically a secondary character on Gossip Girl by the end of it), Rebecca Rittenhouse (RIP last season’s Red Band Society), Scott Michael Foster (Cappie/Leo!), India de Beaufort (OTH), Wilson Bethel (Wade! I miss Hart of Dixie), and Barry Corbin (OTH! Whitey!), among others. I’ll stick it out for as long as I can, but it does not look promising at all.

Fall TV 2015: What I’m Watching (Thursday Edition)

It’s Fall TV time! As premiere week continues rolling along, I am sharing my list of shows that I’ll be watching and maybe watching each day of the week.


  • Sleepy Hollow
  • How to Get Away with Murder
  • Scandal
  • Heroes Reborn (NEW)
  • The Big Bang Theory

On Tuesday, I mentioned that at some point, it became the day full of really good TV. On the flip side, I have no idea when Thursdays became so boring. I still have just enough to fill my night, but at the same time you have to wonder: what happened to Must See TV Thursday (I know that was an NBC thing, but I’m applying it to all the networks)?

Now granted, ABC has been doing really well with its TGIT line-up of Shondaland shows, and I plan to still watch Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder (I gave up on Grey’s Anatomy a long time ago). But what else is on Thursday for me? Sleepy Hollow, moved from its former Monday slot; and The Big Bang Theory, which is technically on Mondays right now, until CBS is done airing Thursday Night Football around November, and then it’ll move back to Thursday.

The only kind-of new show is Heroes Reborn, the follow-up limited event series (?) taking place five years after the events of the original series (also, how long it has actually been since the show went off the air). I’m on the fence about the show mainly because of how badly I got burned watching the original series. Like season one was great, then the S1 finale happened, and it was all downhill from there. I didn’t even stick with it to the very end. I went to the SDCC panel for this, and despite how excited they were in trying to convince us that it’s not the same Heroes, I still have my doubts. The big sell for me to watch this follow-up is, without a doubt, Zachary Levi (and then Dylan Bruce). If this turns out to be like S1 Heroes then I am in, but if I see anything that gives me S2-4 vibes, I’m out.