Gearing Up for Fall TV 2014

It’s officially September, which means regular TV will be coming back soon! Don’t get me wrong, summer TV has been good. My returning faves – So You Think You Can Dance, Suits, Covert Affairs, Graceland, Witches of East End – were still great to watch and got me through the summer. I tried watching some new shows – a couple I like but not love (Outlander, Legends) and a couple that didn’t stick for me (The Strain, Extant, The Leftovers). And then there was True Blood (the less said about it, the better). Point is, I am REALLY excited that all my other shows are coming back and some potentially new favourites are premiering soon!

If this year has shown me anything, it’s that I’m starting to get picky about the shows I watch because there is just simply not enough time to watch everything. Even if everybody else is seemingly talking about it, if it doesn’t hold my interest or if I don’t connect to it, I’m not going to spend more time than I should on it. That being said, I’m still starting off the new season with a pretty packed schedule filled with returning shows and new shows that I’m willing to give a shot. By November sweeps, I’m expecting my load to lighten up a little…that is until all the midseason shows premiere (it’s a never-ending cycle!)

*New Shows



  • Once Upon A Time (ABC, Sept. 28, 8 PM )
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX, Sept. 28, 8:30 PM)
  • Resurrection (ABC, Sept. 28, 9 PM)
  • Mulaney (FOX, Oct. 5, 9:30 PM)*
  • The Affair (Showtime, Oct. 12, 10 PM)*

Sundays used to be a packed night for me, but after deciding to drop both Revenge and Homeland this season, plus The Amazing Race moving to Fridays, tonight became a lot lighter.


  • Gotham (FOX, Sept. 22, 8 PM)
  • Sleepy Hollow (FOX, Sept. 22, 9 PM)
  • The Voice (NBC, Sept. 22, 8 PM)
  • Dancing With the Stars (ABC, Sept. 15, 8 PM)
  • Scorpion (CBS, Sept. 22, 10 PM)*
  • Jane the Virgin (CW, Oct. 13, 9 PM)*
  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS, Sept. 22, 8 PM)

My plan is to watch Gotham and Sleepy Hollow live but realistically, knowing that I’ll be at home having dinner with my family, it’s gonna end up being The Voice with DWTS in between commercials, and watch everything else after. Can we just talk for a second how Allison Holker (one of my favorite dancers, not just from SYTYCD but, ever) is one of the pros on DWTS this season?! AND that Julianne Hough is back, but this time as a permanent 4th judge? The Big Bang Theory is on Mondays for a little while until Thursday Night Football (how many nights of football are there?!) is over, and then it’ll move back to Thursdays.


  • The Flash (CW, Oct. 7, 8 PM)*
  • Marry Me (NBC, Oct. 14, 9 PM)*
  • About a Boy (NBC, Oct. 14, 9:30 PM)
  • The Mindy Project (FOX, Sept. 16, 9:30 PM)
  • SHIELD (ABC, Sept. 23, 9 PM)
  • Selfie (ABC, Sept. 30, 8 PM)*
  • Manhattan Love Story (ABC, Sept. 30, 8:30 PM)*

Of all the new shows tonight, the only one I’m on the fence about is Manhattan Love Story. I like the two leads, Analeigh Tipton and Jake Dorman, but I’m reserving a wait and see approach. I know I’ll like Marry Me (from David Caspe who created Happy Endings? YES) and have already seen the Selfie pilot, which looks promising. Super excited for The Flash. I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I loved About A Boy last season (I shouldn’t have been so surprised. I mean, Jason Katims, creator of Friday Night Lights and Parenthood), so very much looking forward to its return.


  • Arrow (CW, Oct. 8, 8 PM)
  • Survivor (CBS, Sept. 24, 8 PM)
  • Stalker (CBS, Oct. 1, 10 PM)*
  • Nashville (ABC, Sept. 24, 10 PM)
  • Red Band Society (FOX, Sept. 17, 9 PM)*
  • Modern Family (ABC, Sept. 24, 9 PM)
  • Black-ish (ABC, Sept. 24, 9:30 PM)*
  • Kingdom (DirecTV, Oct. 8, 9 PM)*

I’m not sure how it happened, but all of a sudden my Wednesdays became REALLY packed. I was able to kind of manage it last year with some crafty/skillful timeshifting (via multiple outlets), but this year is a whole ‘nother ballgame. Arrow and Survivor are my staples, Stalker has Maggie Q, and after having already watched the pilot of Red Band Society, I feel like I already love it (Octavia Spencer and Dave Annable? Plus a talented younger cast?) So it doesn’t really leave me much time for anything else. The rest might have to be pushed to the weekend.


  • Scandal (ABC, Sept. 25, 9 PM)
  • How to Get Away with Murder (ABC, Sept. 25, 10 PM)*
  • A to Z (NBC, Oct. 2, 9:30 PM)
  • Parenthood (NBC, Sept. 25, 10 PM)

What happened to Must See Thursdays?! This line-up is WEAK. I have nothing at 8 PM, until Big Bang Theory moves over at the end of October. I should be happy that this is manageable but still, this is my schedule until I add in the final season of White Collar and the second half of Covert Affairs season 5 run, which premiere Nov. 6. Then at that time I’ll have more decisions to make because WC and CA are at 9 and 10 P.M. respectively.


  • The Amazing Race (CBS, Sept. 26, 8 PM)
  • Cristela (ABC, Oct. 10, 8:30 PM)*
  • Grimm (NBC, Oct. 24, 9 PM)
  • Constantine (NBC, Oct. 24, 10 PM)

Sinceriously, I love that CBS moved Amazing Race to Fridays – it just works out so well for me (the shut-in that I am)

On tap for MIDSEASON

  • Parks and Recreation
  • Agent Carter
  • Empire
  • Hart of Dixie
  • iZombie
  • Fresh Off the Boat
  • Weird Loners
  • One Big Happy
  • Mr. Robinson
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • The Messengers

And that is how my schedule is shaping up for the next couple months, unless some of the new shows inevitably disappoint me or don’t interest me as much I thought they would and I stop watching. But still, that’s a lot of TV. Good thing I don’t have much of a social life (LOL!)

Upfronts 2011: CW Unveils Its Schedule for Next Season

So Upfronts Week ends for the broadcast networks with The CW announcing its schedule for next season. The network adds 6 new shows to its lineup: 3 dramas and 3 reality shows. Helped by the fact that CW only picked up 3 scripted shows, all 3 look really good.

  • Hart of Dixie [Drama – Mondays @ 9]: City girl Dr. Zoe Hart finds herself moving to a small town in Alabama to take over a medical practice. I’m typically over the whole medical drama thing, but it’s a show on CW. And its got Rachel Bilson (yes Summer Roberts!) But really, Rachel Bilson back in a show produced by Josh Schwartz, is pretty much a no brainer for me to watch.
  • Ringer [Drama – Tuesdays @ 9]: Do you really need to know anything else other than the fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar is back on TV and on CW on Tuesdays where Buffy used to air (in the good ol’ WB days of course)? Just kidding, of course you still need to know something about the show. SMG stars as Bridget, a woman who becomes witness to a murder, and while fearing for her life, takes on the life of her well-off twin sister Siobhan, only to find out that her sister’s life is just as dangerous and complicated as hers. How’s that for complicated? CBS passed on the show feeling that it wasn’t the right fit for the network, so they gave it to CW (a division of CBS). Like I said, SMG back on TV is a lock on my schedule.
  • The Secret Circle [Drama – Thursdays @ 9]: A teenage girl moves to a new town after the death of her mother and finds out she’s a witch that’s part of a secret coven. Because simply having The Vampire Diaries wasn’t enough for CW, they now have this show which is also based on a series of books by L.J Smith (the author of TVD series) and executive produced by Kevin Williamson. Naturally, they pair this with TVD, creating a 2 hour block of supernatural beings by Kevin Williamson. I was hesitant about TVD when I first heard about it, partially from not reading the books, but now I love it. So I’m sure Secret Circle will suck me in as well – no hesitations this time.
  • H8er [Reality – Wednesdays @ 8]: From the CW press release, “Celebrities go head-to-head with civilians who hate them to win their ‘haters’ over.” Not interested.
  • Re-Modeled and The Frame [Reality – Midseason]: I don’t care enough to even write what they’re about. I just never like CW reality shows, but that’s just me.

Other Scheduling News/Changes:

  • Gossip Girl changes its time slot from 9 to 8 on Mondays, making Mondays a Josh Schwartz/Stephanie Savage produced 2-hour block of TV.
  • Subsequently, 90210 now moves back to its former Tuesdays time slot @ 8.
  • America’s Next Top Model moves to the 9:00 slot on Wednesdays.
  • Nikita got renewed for a 2nd season and will now be airing on Fridays @ 8. Great, so I went from practically having nothing to watch on Fridays to having 3 of my favourite shows on the same night.
  • One Tree Hill also got renewed. The 9th and final season will air midseason. Although I must say, the season finale that aired would’ve been a perfect series finale because everybody’s happy now. But sure, I’ll take a final season.
  • Officially cancelled – Hellcats. I’m actually kind of okay with the cancellation. I mean it was a fun show to watch, but I’m sure I’m not gonna miss it, especially with that season/series finale which was a little all over the place. Plus we got 3 new shows that look pretty awesome, so there’s that.

…And we’re done for Upfronts!

Hellcats Series Premiere Review

Hellcats, the first new show of the 2010 Fall TV season, premiered last night on the CW. There’s not much to really say about the show in all honesty. The whole premiere episodeĀ  pretty much got summed up in the initial promos. Marti (Aly Michalka) is a pre-law student who’s scholarship is cancelled and is desperate to find another scholarship to pay her tuition fees. Cue the oh-so convenient cheerleader try-outs. One misleading thing from the promos is the idea that Ashley Tisdale’s character, Savannah, is the cheerleader form of her High School Musical character. But really, Savannah is nice and just committed to cheerleading. The bitchy character is Alice (Heather Hemmens); she got injured, thus cheerleading try-outs were held to replace her while she heals. Alice instantly doesn’t like Marti and jealousy fuels the fire as Marti catches the eye of her ex-boyfriend and fellow cheerleader, Lewis (Robbie Jones). Of course, there’s also Marti’s best friend Dan (Matt Barr), who as often the case, has a secret crush on her. [Sidenote: It was nice to see Robbie Jones and Matt Barr, both OTH alums, on the show. And even though I thought about, I didn’t feel compelled to yell out “Psycho Derek” when Matt came on the screen. I’m making progress on disassociating actors to their previous roles.]

The episode set up the love triangles, the relationship between Marti and her mother, plus the Glee-like competition aspect (the Hellcats have to place at Nationals at the end of the year or they get cut). Hellcats isn’t exactly anything new as far as stories go – it just takes it into the world of cheerleading. I’d say it’s a fun, light show to watch when you’re bored or have nothing else to watch. It’s definitely not must-see TV.

One other thing to note, and this has more to do with The CW than the show itself, is how the network is trying different things. I mean when you think of The CW, you think guilty pleasures like Gossip Girl, 90210, Melrose Place (even though it got cancelled). Hellcats seems more like a show for ABC Family. We noticed last season when they premiered Life Unexpected that it really isn’t like the rest of the CW shows; it was like the old WB days with Gilmore Girls and Felicity. But they did make a good move in pairing it up with OTH this season because they do share some similarities. Another new show premiering tonight is Nikita, and again, the look of it is more FOX (they are the ones that have more action type shows) than CW. It is nice to see though that the CW is taking some chances with shows that don’t necessarily fit into their current niche.

CW 2010-2011 Primetime Schedule

The last of the major network upfronts, the CW announced its new schedule for next season, which includes a lot of shows being moved around the schedule and 2 new shows.

  • HELLCATS [Dramedy? – Wednesdays @ 9] – The show is about a pre-law student who loses her scholarship, and is forced to enter the world of cheerleading. It stars Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale. I’m ready for the Bring It On references that are bound to come up in the show. I think this is another show where I’ll have to wait and see.
  • NIKITA [Drama – Thursdays @ 9] – A reboot/remake of La Femme Nikita. I am so ready to watch this. For one, Maggie Q is starring as the title character and she is awesome. And come on, an Asian actress in the lead role of a TV show? Finally some diversity! Also, Shane West in the show is a plus.

So as previously mentioned, the CW moved some of the shows around the schedule. 90210 is now on Mondays, One Tree Hill (YAY for season 8!) and Life Unexpected will be on Tuesdays, and Supernatural will now be paired with Smallville on Fridays.

Complete schedule, plus full descriptions on the new and returning shows (which include some spoilers) can be found here.