Pop Culture Randomness Post #2

Today’s been a big day (in my opinion) for pop culture news, so a rundown of what’s out there in celebrity news.

  • Maroon 5’s New Single: The New York Post got the exclusive preview of Maroon 5’s first single from their forthcoming album, Hands All Over. The song, Misery, is classic M5 material and I, for one, CANNOT WAIT until I get to hear this song live during their tour. The song will be available for digital download tomorrow.
  • Engagement!: Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr are engaged! I’m not entirely sure why I felt the need to comment on this but regardless, good for them! It seems like they’ve been dating forever (3 years), and plus the fact that they’ve been dodging engagement rumours practically the entire time, it feels like this announcement was overdue.
  • Boy Bands Unite: So according to this People.com article, fans attending Saturday night’s New Kids on the Block concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York were treated with a special surprise…the Backstreet Boys showed up to perform with NKOTB! That’s just hilariously awesome.
  • Glee Casting News: Despite shooting down recent rumours, new singing sensation (Oprah’s a fan and if Oprah likes her, she’s got to be good) Charice will be appearing on Glee next season. According to Ausiello over at EW.com, the singer is signed on for a recurring role as a foreign exchange student who will give Rachel Berry a run for her money. Frankly, Mercedes is already someone with a big voice to compete with Rachel, so I don’t find it entirely necessary that Rachel gets an “official rival.” But hey, it’s a high school show, and what high school doesn’t have its share of foreign exchange students?
  • Gossip Girl Casting News: Fleur Delacour is Chuck’s rebound! Clemence Posey, the actress who plays Fleur in Harry Potter, has been cast as Eva, the girl who will be Chuck Bass’ new “Blair.” Needless to say, that cliffhanger of a season finale where we saw Chuck getting shot will end well, because he’ll clearly be alive and kicking in Paris with his new girl.
  • Show Renewal: Only 2 episodes into its third season, HBO has decided to renew True Blood for a 4th season. I’m actually a recent True Blood convert – summer is always tough for me with the lack of stuff to watch on TV, but I decided to start watching the show and caught up just in time for the 3rd season premiere. It’s a fantastic show and that’s all I’ve got to say about it.
  • American Idol Change: So Seacrest broke the news today that Idol will be reducing the age limit to audition from 16 to 15. Really?! Because with some very few exceptions (Allison Iraheta, David Archuleta, for example), the younger contestants on the show are kind of boring and don’t really know their sound yet. I mean if this was X-Factor, then okay fine because the judges do actually have a hand in helping and mentoring the contestants. But this is Idol. We don’t need week in and week out to hear the judges say, “You should try this. This isn’t you. Be current!” And then the contestants be like, “Well I don’t know what you want from me! I’m following your advice! And I still can’t make you happy!” And that’s because they don’t know what they want or what kind of music they want to make. Idol seriously is a sinking ship.

And that is all for today’s pop culture roundup!