Save This Show!: Cougar Town (ABC)

In this third entry, I want to put focus on the best terribly-named TV show, Cougar Town. I’ll admit, at the beginning, I was one of the people who were turned off by the show because of the title (and that’s despite having Courtney Cox, who I love from Friends). But once the show got past its initial premise, CT became a wonderfully funny and heartwarming show about, well, friends.

I’m sure they don’t want the show to be considered as “Friends – 10 years later” but the conceit that these functionally dysfunctional people who are perfect friends, make for the inevitable comparison to Cox’s famous series.

Creator/producer/writer Bill Lawrence has done just about everything to get people to watch Cougar Town. As previously mentioned, after the show played out its original conceit, it became a truly funny and heartwarming comedy about family and friends. It wasn’t your typical family comedy, but at the same time, it wasn’t a comedy about twenty-somethings, which when you think about it, might be the root of the problem. I say root of the problem, but only in a marketing sense and getting the ratings/viewers it needs to stay on the air. Because their self-realized, broad comedy is wonderful as it is. Anyone who enjoyed Lawrence’s previous show, Scrubs, should enjoy watching the Cul-de-Sac crew of CT, just as much as the gang from Sacred Heart Hospital. When ABC benched the show to a to-be-determined mid-season air date this season, they didn’t just sit idly by waiting for the network to give them a premiere date. Obviously, they had to actually film the show, but they also did their own promotion and marketing to get people to watch the show and be prepared for when the show did come back. Ratings may not have been the best or enough to show that their hard campaigning paid off, but you can’t help but commend them for trying their damned hardest to get word out there.

I know this entry seems short compared to what I wrote about Nikita and Fringe, but that’s not because I love CT any less. CT is just plain and simple, a funny show that more people should watch. There’s no other words to describe it. A funny, well-written show, and in a world where hour-long procedurals/dramas rule the networks, comedies like these seem to fall through the cracks.

2011 Emmy Nomination Wish List

Emmy nominations are going to be announced tomorrow morning by Melissa McCarthy (Mike & Molly) and Joshua Jackson (Fringe). Now while most everybody is busy compiling their predictions for who they think will get nominated or creating their dream ballot, I would much rather just list the names of people and TV shows I hope get called out tomorrow morning. Keeping it nice and simple. But then again, mind you, half the shows that do actually get nominated every year, are shows that I don’t even watch (or haven’t gotten around to watching) so it’s easier for me to rant now about who I want to see nominated than rant tomorrow about all the snubs. So if any or all of these names get recognized this year, consider me a very happy camper. If none of these names appear on the official nomination list, let’s just say I won’t be the most pleasant person to be around tomorrow. And you’ll probably still see me rant about these snubs.

  • Cat Deeley for Best Reality Show Host – When will they realize her total awesomeness???!!
  • SYTYCD for Best Reality Show Competition – Because really, American Idol? Or heck, DWTS? All SYTYCD ever gets nominated for, and wins, is choreography.
  • Speaking of choreography, the one routine that HAS to be nominated from SYTYCD last season? Tabitha and Napoleon’s hip-hop routine to “Outta Your Mind”, danced by Alex Wong and Twitch. It would be so wrong if it didn’t get nominated.
  • Fringe for Best Drama, Anna Torv for Best Actress in a Drama, John Noble for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama – It was the most insane/incredible/awesome season of any show. It would be absolutely criminal if the show did not get any recognition for the amazing work they did.
  • Courtney Cox for Best Actress in a Comedy, Busy Phillips for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy – It’s way overdue for Cox to be nominated for her talents (how was she the ONLY cast member to not be nominated during Friends‘ 10 year run?) and Phillips just simply rocks as Laurie on Cougar Town.
  • Community for Best Comedy, Joel McHale for Best Actor in a Comedy, Danny Pudi for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy – Just one of the most creative shows on TV right now. Who does an episode in claymation? Fully recognized bottle episodes? Clip show featuring fake/new clips? Not to mention all those theme episodes? Only Community does.

So there, my Emmy nomination wish list – not asking for much. Cat Deeley and Fringe are my main hopes because it completely baffles me how they get overlooked year after year. Here’s hoping the Emmys took some pointers from the Critics Choice Television Awards.