5 Fandom Friday: Dream Crossovers

5fandomfridayCrossovers are what fan dreams are made of, aren’t they? Sometimes they make sense, other times not so much. I’d say it’s a TV sin to make a crossover happen and the end product be terrible. Keeping that in mind, this week’s 5 Fandom Friday is a little on the random side. Picking TV shows, past or present, and essentially mashing them up? Why not? It’s all in good fun. Forget the logic of them happening because they wouldn’t (except maybe one), and I actually wouldn’t want them to happen in real life. But again, all for fun! Also, keeping things short with this one because…time.

1.) Nikita/Alias: Two of my all-time favourite shows with awesome female leads, set in the spy world – obvious enough?

2.) Salem/Sleepy Hollow: Salem, inspired by the Witch Trials of the 17th Century + Sleepy Hollow, which deals with witches from time to time. I’d say there’s enough crazy stuff to crossover with.

3.) 12 Monkeys/Fringe/Orphan Black: Speaking of crazy, how’s this for a three-part crossover?! Time travel, alternate universes, clones – shows that on their own, play with your mind and sense of logic. Together?! Excuse my language, but wouldn’t that be just a great and huge mindf**k?

4.) The Mindy Project/You’re the Worst: Mindy is like an ode to romantic comedies, Worst is like the anti-rom-com. When I put it that way, it makes it seem like the two shows are completely different, but I’d like to think Mindy and Gretchen would get along pretty well.

5.) iZombie/The Flash: They’re both DC comics-based shows, airing on The CW, and filming in Vancouver – so why isn’t anyone talking crossovers? I mean besides the obvious of there being no “superheroes” on iZombie. But just imagine Cisco, being the fanboy that he is, interacting with Liv and Ravi, and finding out about the existence of zombies.

So many other shows I wanted to attempt to crossover with another show, but couldn’t find a good fit or the right reason: Suits, Happy Endings, Jane the Virgin, Chuck, One Tree Hill, Fresh Off the Boat, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation. Oh well.

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