Music Monday: Keeping Up With New Music

I will be the first to admit that I am not on the top of my game when it comes to discovering new music. And even so, TV has taken up so much of my time that even if I find out about somebody new or a new song, it takes me a while to actually go and listen. Last week, I get a random text from a friend asking if I have heard of James Bay. This is the gist of our conversation following that question:

Me: I’ve heard OF him. Haven’t gotten around to listening to his music.

Friend: He’s amazing! He’s playing a show in Toronto tonight. I’ve been looking for tickets but it’s sold out.

M: [quickly goes to YouTube, listens to a song] HE’S GOOD! You have to give me notice about these things!

F: You’re supposed to be the concert guru!

M: Only if I know about them!

Basically, our conversation just made me fully realize just how much I’m slacking when it comes to new music. Actually, I’m slacking all together when it comes to music because I missed out on some concert news that have resulted in sold out shows. FAIL. So in my attempt to rectify my recent music situation, I finally checked out the music of two artists I had been hearing so much about: James Bay and Tori Kelly.

I’ve quickly become a fan of James Bay, who is yet another British import, though very much different from his contemporaries Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. He’s got a very raspy/soulful tone that reminds me of James Morrison, but with a slightly more folk rock sound.

Tori Kelly is a pop/R&B singer/songwriter, who started out like many people do these days, on YouTube, though she’s more than proven her talent. The first single from her debut album “Nobody Love” puts her sound alongside the likes of Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, very mainstream pop. Go back a couple years to some of her older songs and they are reminiscent of JoJo and maybe even a little Jessie J.

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