MORE MUSIC! Songs That Get Me Singing + Dancing

If it isn’t evident by now, music plays a huge part in my life. I hate the sound of silence, so I always need some kind of music playing whenever I’m doing anything. The right songs will always instantly put me into a good mood. You will never see me happier than when I am a.) at a concert or, b.) by myself in my room or car. It’s only in those instances that I completely let myself go and sing/dance along like there’s no tomorrow. Believe me when I tell you that I’m constantly singing and making up choreography while I’m driving. It’s terrible, but I do it anyways (and I’m still a perfectly safe driver, thankyouverymuch). With that being said, for the last post of my personal blogging challenge, I present to you a rather lengthy playlist of songs that I will always sing along or dance to (also, what I will be listening to all day today for my birthday).

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