April (aka Birthday Month) Blogging Challenge


Sometime last week, I had the idea of maybe doing something different for the blog. You see, April is my birthday month and I all of a sudden had this urge to challenge myself. In case you haven’t noticed, the regularity of my blog postings are intermittent at best; I think my longest streak of posting was 6-7 days and that’s pretty much every May, with me trying to cover TV Upfronts.

Now like I said, it being April soon (tomorrow), I wanted to give myself a blogging challenge. So for the next 15 days, I’m going to write and put up a new blog post every single day. Why 15 days? Well, my birthday is April 15th, so everyday leading up to it, I will post something. Plus, for me to go the full month, would be overreaching. Basically, this allows me to challenge myself to blog more, without feeling overwhelmed by it, and it’s something out of the ordinary for the blog itself. I’m hoping that it’ll ending up being a mixture of different lists (of the standard variety and of the musical kind), some of my usual opinion/”random thought” pieces, and maybe some personal stories. It’s sort of my way of opening myself up, and hopefully you’ll get a little more sense as to who I am. So bear with me as I attempt this.

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