5 Fandom Friday: Funko Pop Figures


I wasn’t planning on doing this week’s Fandom 5, mainly because I have yet to start a collection of Funko POPs despite thinking that a lot of them are really cute. But there was an announcement earlier this week that made me change my mind. So though I don’t have any favourites at this very moment, there are some POP figures I really like and A LOT that will be coming out this year that I actually can’t wait to get my hands on.


There’s going to be OB Funko POPs?! Well I’m sold! Funko (via Nerdist) announced at the beginning of the week that they will be releasing POP versions of Sarah, Cosima, Allison, Helena, and Rachel sometime this month and I honestly can’t wait to get my collection started now! Though what is still missing from this collection is Felix, but there will come a time for that.


This was announced at the end of 2014, I believe. At the time, I thought this was going to be what started my collection because as a fan of the show, of course I want POP versions of Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, and Joey! Funko just needs to tell me when exactly these are coming out.


I’ve always loved Cinderella; loved the Disney cartoon as a kid. This March, Disney will be releasing a new live action/non-animated version of Cinderella, and with that, POP figures to go along with. Though I really do like the new Cinderella figure, I particularly like (and want) Gus Gus in the Glass Slipper – so damn adorable!

4.) Past Disney POPs

While looking through all the Funko POPs (of which there are A LOT), I came across a couple of old figures that I’m now going to be on the lookout for in stores, at Cons, or Amazon. There’s Lilo and Stitch, Boo from Monsters Inc, Thumper from Bambi, Mrs. Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast. SO MANY.

5.) Coming Soon or Non-Existent

Other POP figures that are coming out this year (according to PopVinyls) and that I can’t wait to see, are figures for: TV Arrow (there better be a Felicity Smoak figure!) and The Flash, Mulan, Saved by the Bell, Tangled, Clueless, and The Breakfast Club. But there are also figures I want to wish into existence. I’d love for there to be an Agent Carter POP. I remember seeing on Twitter last year someone made their own Agent May from SHIELD, and I SO want that to be a real thing. Of course I’d love to see Nikita, but that’s just wishful thinking. I feel like Sleepy Hollow figures will be just a matter of time, and that they will happen at some point. Oh and how are there no Harry Potter ones? (Or is that a legal thing?)

Soooo basically, by the looks of it, this is the year Funko begins to steal all my money. It was inevitable, but everything’s just so cute!

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