5 Fandom Friday: Conventions


For this week’s Fandom Friday, we talk about cons! All in all, I’m actually pretty new to the Con scene but here are the conventions I’ve been to or want to go to.

San Diego Comic Con [Attended]: The big one. Back in 2012, I decided once and for all that I wanted to go to SDCC and just kinda put it out there that that’s what I was thinking about. Soon enough, my cousin agreed to go with me! We made the trip in 2013, quickly decided to go back in 2014, and we already have our badges for 2015!

Austin Television Festival [Wishlist]: It may be called a festival but ATX acts pretty darn close to a convention. It’s only been around for a few years but every year, it seems to just get better and better with its conversations/panels with actors, writers, etc. from shows past and present.

Toronto Comic Con [Attended]: 2014 was the first year I ever attended TCC. Surprisingly, the close proximity of it to where I live made me picky about whether or not I wanted to go. Plus, me being into the Hollywood/TV/movie side of things, I was only going to go if it was gonna be worth my time. And the only reason I went in 2014 (and for only one day)? Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris from Orphan Black were going to be there. That’s all I needed.

One Tree Hill Convention [Wishlist]: There is a convention dedicated to OTH AND its in Paris? Who wouldn’t want to go to that? Though I’d settle for just going to the OTH convention that will be happening in Wilmington, NC this year. In relation to all this, how was there a convention in Europe for OTH before the U.S., or in Wilmington until now?

Fan Expo Canada [Attended]: Like TCC, I have been very choosey about going to Fan Expo, all based on which celebs were going to be there and on what days. I first went in 2012 to test the Con waters, and to make sure going to SDCC was something I really wanted to do. So in 2012, I went to see Nelsan Ellis from True Blood and Julie Benz from Dexter (this was before both shows went off the air and I was still a fan). In 2013, after conquering SDCC, I made a solid plan to see/meet Stephen Amell, Gina Torres, and the Covert Affairs cast. In 2014? I volunteered! Worked all weekend so I didn’t actually get to enjoy the show, but still managed some celeb spotting.

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