Confessions of a Blogger

Credit to The Nerdy Girlie, Megan Gotch, for the graphic

Credit to The Nerdy Girlie, Megan Gotch, for the graphic

The Nerdy Girlie recently did a post entitled Confessions of a Blogger and called out the rest of us for our own confessions. So, as part of the Female Geek Bloggers community, I accepted the challenge!

1. Self-Conscious

I created the blog back in 2009, in my senior year of university, simply as a means to get my thoughts and opinions about pop culture out. I rant and discuss things with friends, but my friends don’t have ALL the same interests as me, and aren’t as crazy about pop culture as I am. Thus, Pop Cultured Randoms was born! I began blogging (and still do) just to get my thoughts out there, beyond the 140 characters of Twitter, and I never expected people to read it, but sometimes I do get a little self-conscious and wonder why I’m doing it at all if not many people read what I have to say.

2. There’s a Reason I Don’t Blog As Often As I Think I Should

I am keen on writing – in university, if I had the option to write a paper instead of doing an exam or to make a final exam worth less, I took it. But writing takes a long time…and I’m kind of a perfectionist…and I need to be inspired. I don’t like to blog about whatever; if it’s something small, that’s what Twitter’s for. If I have something I really need to rant about or just something I really want to share, then I’ll blog about it. Otherwise, I don’t want to blog just for the sake of blogging, ya know?

3. Multitasker

I always need music in the background, regardless of what I’m doing. I hate quiet – mainly because I’m already a quiet person, so I just need noise in general to fill my head. I do my best to actually sit down at my desk to write, but if you’ve read this blog, you’d know how much of a TV nerd I am and how much time that takes up. So more often than not, I end up writing on the couch, while watching TV. Not the best way to do either things, but I’m a person who likes to maximize my time.

4. I’m Still Learning

I’m not terrible with technology and I want to say I’m pretty good at working the internet (LOL that just made me sound ancient), but five years of blogging, and I’m still learning how to work with WordPress, graphics, and whatnot. For the longest time, I used a standard WordPress template for my background. Then I realized I should TRY to personalize my page, however much I could, to the extent of my abilities. So that’s when I finally made my own background, putting pictures of my favourite things together, and spending longer than I really should have with Photoshop. Like I said, I’m not terrible with technology but I’m not particularly good with technical stuff and jargon I don’t understand. Aannndd that’s why I’ve had the same background for like 2 years now.

5. It’s Pop Cultured RANDOMS For a Reason

There are lots of blogs dedicated solely to fashion or beauty or just one thing – good on you if you’re doing that. That’s not me. I’m interested in too many things relating to entertainment and pop culture to be bogged down by just one thing. If I’m REALLY into something, you’ll notice by the frequency I blog about or mention it (ie. my obsession with the show Nikita, up until the very end…and even now after it’s over). Otherwise, if I get inspired to write about something, I’ll do it. Simple as that. Plus, since these are my confessions, I feel like the “Randoms” part gives me an out to not only write about whatever I want, but also write whenever I want. Which again is just an excuse for me when I don’t feel compelled to write anything. But I am trying harder to write more! Proof: this post will be my third for the weekend!…which will probably be followed by two weeks of nothing, if my past habits are any indication.

And there it is, my blogging confessions!

4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Blogger

  1. Love this post! I absolutely relate to being self conscious, too. For some reason, I always get a bit uncomfortable when a friend says, “I read your blog, ____ post was really cool.” It’s weird hearing that others care about or like what you have to say, isn’t it? But you should definitely keep it up, your blog is great! I love the randomness (I mean, I’m the Distracted Blogger, after all).


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