Goodbye ‘Chuck’

Tonight, NBC’s Chuck aired its final episodes. I’m not going to go into detail about what happened, because if you’re a fan, you would’ve watched it.

For me, the ending was perfect. To watch the show end and not have anything to say about it afterwards is a good thing. That means there was nothing to nitpick, nothing to comment on – just letting the finale be as it is.

It’s been a tough road for Chuck. The first season got interrupted by the Writers’ Strike. At the end of every season, there were questions as to whether the show would come back for another season. Then of course it gets picked up for a 13-episode run, only to get the back 9 episodes picked up as well to make it a full season. It truly is amazing that the show got to be on the air for 5 seasons, and that the writers could do a proper finale like they did. Because as with any show, getting cancelled after the fact is frustrating to all. So an announced final season is really a gift.

I’ve loved Chuck from the beginning. For one, I am a total nerd myself so having a nerd as the titular hero was just pure awesome. But as a TV fan, I really appreciated the efforts made by the writers to create a TV show that was different than most other shows. A show that mixes action, comedy, romance with great flow is no easy feat. Not to mention the show had a lot of heart, which definitely translated to the fans.

Chuck will forever be among my favourite shows (that’s 2 Josh Schwartz shows, along with The O.C.) I love so many things about the show, but my favourite memory is actually outside of the show – going to the WB lot and our tour guide taking us to the set of Chuck (albeit not telling us ahead of time). I freaked out seeing a Buy More sign and the entire time I was in a state of utter shock and awe at standing right on the set, which was the apartment building/courtyard. Actually, before even seeing the set, I saw the Nerd Herd car and I was already happy about that. Unfortunately, I didn’t see Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, or any of the other cast members. But I will remember thinking just how cool it was to have been able to stand on the set of one of my favourite TV shows. Also, I did buy a Nerd Herd shirt at the WB shop, so I’m a total Nerd Herd For Life!

So with that I say goodbye to my favourite nerd spy (Had to be specific. Can’t betray Sydney Bristow and Nikita, after all). Thanks for 5 seasons of drama, fun, and well…awesomeness!