Upfronts 2011: FOX Releases Its Schedule For 2011-2012 Season

This morning, FOX announced its lineup for the 2011-2012 TV season and by the looks of things, they kept it pretty consistent to what we’re used to now. In total, the network picked up 4 new comedies and 3 new dramas. A look at the new shows:

  • Terra Nova [Drama – Mondays @ 8]: If anyone remembers, at the Upfronts last year, Terra Nova was one of the shows announced for this past season. It was originally supposed to air midseason, and at one point it was to have a special premiere after an episode of Idol this year, but due to time constraints in getting the special FX in order, the network pushed it to next season. The show follows a family who travels back in time to prehistoric Earth in an attempt to save the future of mankind. I didn’t have much interest in the show when I first heard it last year, and that hasn’t really changed. One thing I must say though is I hope this show does well for FOX because it certainly sounds like an expensive show to get to air. And also, for some reason, I see this subject matter as being better suited for a miniseries than a full-fledged series.
  • New Girl [Comedy – Tuesdays @ 9]: After a bad breakup, a girl moves in with her 3 guy friends. The way I see it, this is another comedy where it ends up being “friends as family” type of deal. I’ll give it a shot come fall, just to see if it brings anything new to the table that we didn’t already have with Friends, and that we don’t have now with the likes of Cougar Town and Happy Endings.
  • The X-Factor [Reality – Wednesdays/Thursdays @ 8]: If you haven’t heard all the hoopla about X-Factor, it marks the return of Simon Cowell. Joining Simon on the judging panel is Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid, and Cheryl Cole. The show essentially takes Idol’s timeslot.
  • I Hate My Teenage Daughter [Comedy – Wednesdays @ 9:30]: 2 single moms, played by Jamie Pressley & Katie Finneran, struggle to raise their teenage daughters who turn out to be the “mean girls” that they once hated in high school. Sounds like it has a lot of potential and could be really funny.
  • Allen Gregory [Comedy – Sundays @ 8:30]: New animated comedy about a 7 year old boy who thinks of himself as a much wiser man. Seeing as though I don’t even watch the other animated comedies, I’m pretty sure I’ll pass.
  • Alcatraz [Drama – Midseason, Mondays @ 9]: Really excited about this one. I mean it’s a J.J. Abrams show, you can’t really go wrong with that (although Undercovers was kinda meh…) The show is a thriller that takes place at the infamous Alcatraz prison. Thriller? J.J. Abrams? Count me in!
  • The Finder [Drama – Midseason, Thursdays @ 9]: It’s a spin-off of the show Bones, featuring Geoff Stults. Don’t watch Bones, so I don’t really care for this show either.
  • Napoleon Dynamite [Comedy – Midseason, Sundays @ 8:30]: Animated adaptation of the movie. Liked the movie, but again don’t really care much for watching FOX’s animation domination Sundays.
  • Touch [Drama – Midseason]: New show from Heroes creator Tim Kring and stars Kiefer Sutherland. The show’s about a single father with an autistic son, who has an incredible gift of seeing things/patterns that no one else can. It’s definitely something different and I wouldn’t mind checking it out when it gets to the air.

Not much else to report on the FOX front seeing as how returning shows are all staying put in their respective timeslots. ABC’s Upfronts are coming up tomorrow.