One Tree Hill/Gossip Girl Season Finales

To save time and space, I figured I’d combine the posts about the One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl finales into one (not to mention my brain is not fully functioning with being sick and all).

ONE TREE HILL: The season finale took place mostly in Utah, where the entire gang went to see Julian’s movie premiere. There were nice moments all around. Haley was coming out of her depression following the death of her mom. Mouth and Skills were getting their friendship back together. Julian was nervous as hell about his movie premiere, and ended up getting advice from Jamie. The episode was nice, moving things along with a lot of optimism – how I like my OTH, with no drama. But then again, OTH wouldn’t be the same and it wouldn’t be a finale without some huge moments and drama. Julian proposed to Brooke (yay!). Haley’s pregnant! Crazy Katie came back and shot Quinn and Clay!…WAIT WHAT?! How the hell did Katie get out of jail/the psych ward? She shot Quinn and Clay??!! Mark Schwann, what the hell are you doing to us???!!! Leaving their lives in the balance like that?! The show better get picked up for another season, because I refuse to have it end like that.

GOSSIP GIRL: Let’s go straight to the point with all that happened in last night’s finale. Dan and Serena feel asleep after drinking too much the night before (and one kiss), and were then found in their compromising position by Jenny, who took a picture and sent it to Gossip Girl. Fallout between Nate & Serena, and Dan & Vanessa. Blair was adament on not going to the Empire State Building to meet Chuck, but then changed her mind and went to find him, only she was late because Dorota was in labour. Chuck, distraught, went and had sex with the first girl willing, which just happened to be Jenny when she showed up looking for Nate. Blair then showed up at the hotel, her and Chuck made up, he was about to propose when Dan punched him over having sex with Jenny. One week later, Blair and Serena are on their way to Paris for some retail therapy. Jenny’s headed to Hudson to stay with her mom. Nate was having a threesome to get over Serena. Dan was about to write an e-mail to Vanessa explaining everything that happened, then went looking at flights to Paris (he might have feelings for Serena still?). Georgina showed up at the loft, showing Dan that she’s pregnant and apparently it’s his baby. Chuck was in Prague where he got mugged and shot when the robbers took his gorgeous engagement ring for Blair. GG season finale in a nutshell.

So there we have it. Two shows, two season finales. Characters’ lives left hanging in the balance and we gotta wait until September to find out what happens to them (hopefully for OTH – we know GG is coming back).

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