HIMYM 100th Episode – Girls vs. Suits

CBS’ How I Met Your Mother hit a television milestone tonight, airing its 100th episode. For 30 minutes (22 minutes approx. without commercials), the creators of the show managed to put in 2 great storylines, 3 guest stars, 1 musical number, and general HIMYM awesomeness.

First storyline involved Ted, getting EXTREMELY close to finding the “mother”. Playing Ted’s love interest for this episode was none other than Rachel Bilson, who I totally miss seeing on television every week (yes, I’m one of those O.C. fans who are still bitter about the show being cancelled 3 years ago, just shy of its 100th episode). Anyways, when the casting news was made that Rachel was going to be in this episode, with the promise by the creators that this episode was very “mother-centric”, a lot of people thought that Rachel’s character of Cindy could quite possibly end up being the mother. Nope! Total psych-out. Turns out the “mother” is Cindy’s roommate! But we did learn some quirky things about the mother (like having breakfast foods perform showtunes lol) and we are sooo close, yet so far from actually learning her true identity. Well, at least, with this storyline, even though Rachel’s not the “mother”, there’s still opportunity for her to come back in some shape or form. (Can someone give Rachel Bilson another tv show or movie – preferably tv show – to work on already?!)

The second storyline involved Barney and his latest “conquest”. Stacy Keibler guest starred as McLaren’s newest bartender, and turns out, she hates guys who wear suits. So in order to get the girl, Barney does something he never does….wear normal clothes. At one point in the episode, Barney is essentially dying from not wearing a suit, and it turns out that he has a spare suit hidden in one of the bathroom stalls at McLaren’s. Unfortunately, while taking off the suit, he rips it and runs it to his personal tailor, Project Runway’s Tim Gunn. Hilarious. Towards the end of the episode, well Stacy Keibler’s character, Karina, finds out that Barney has a closet full of suits and gives him an ultimatum (hence the episode title). The ultimatum leads to a fantastic musical number entitled “Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit” which was choreographed by Glee’s Zach Woodlee.

Anyways, HIMYM’s 100th episode was a success. Incorporating so much story into that block of time was quite amazing. Here’s to hoping that the show makes it to 200 episodes! (Although that would be another 5 years before finding out exactly who the mother is….meh, if they can keep up this awesomeness for another 5 years I say “Woooooo!!”)

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