Emmy Recap

one day late! ahh! still felt the need to recap the goings-on of Sunday night’s Primetime Emmy Awards.

First of all, Neil Patrick Harris was an AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS host (regardless of what any local radio personalities may say cuz she clearly does not have a sense of humour if she thinks NPH isn’t funny.) Especially after the whole debacle of having 5 hosts last year, NPH was phenomenal. From that opening song (“Put down the remote…”) and opening monologue (“My job here is to keep things running smoothly. Let’s hope Kanye West likes 30 Rock.”), straight through to the end, NPH just made the show so much more fun, all without it looking forced.


  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Might as well get this one out of the way….NEIL PATRICK HARRIS SHOULD HAVE WON! With Jeremy Piven out of the running, NPH should have been given his due for playing  Barney Stinson on HIMYM. But nooooo, Jon Cryer had to win for Two and a Half Men. Really? REALLY?! At least NPH was a good sport about it afterwards: “This night could have gone in 2 directions. We are on the 2nd direction.”
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy: I was so extremely surprised and happy that Kristin Chenoweth won for Pushing Daisies! Pushing Daisies was such a great show, and it’s a shame that ABC felt the need to cancel such an original and creative show because of the ratings. But at least the show and Kristin got some recognition.
  • Outstanding Actor in a Comedy: Alec Baldwin won. Again. I really wish though that Jim Parsons won for Big Bang Theory. The fact that he submitted “The Bath Item Hypothesis” as the episode for consideration was great because he was so hilarious in his reaction when Penny gave him his Christmas present. Not anyone can play this character of Sheldon Cooper and Jim Parsons brings it EVERYTIME. Here’s to hoping that he wins next year.
  • Outstanding Host for a Reality Show: Jeff Probst, you’re great and all but Phil Keoghan owns! You know what Phil’s thinking just from a look. And he’s the king of psych-outs. Well, at least Seacrest didn’t win.
  • Outstanding Reality Show: YAY!! AMAZING RACE!! FOR THE SEVENTH YEAR IN A ROW!! Idol may have the ratings, but as long as The Amazing Race is on the air, it will always win in this category.
  • Outstanding Original Music & Lyrics: Stupid Oscars. First they win for Outstanding Choreography and now this? I wish I could be more mad at them but they helped Hugh Jackman be a great host. But how could Emmy voters bypass Justin & Andy’s Motherlover? I mean c’mon, you guys gave them the award for Dick in a Box.
  • Outstanding Comedy: 30 Rock won. how surprising…or as Tina Fey said “Well that was a nailbiter.” I respect the show. I like it, but I don’t LOVE it. I wanted HIMYM to win because seriously, last season was its funniest season, especially considering the fact that they had to hide the real-life pregnancies of Alyson Hannigan AND Cobie Smulders. Although again, kudos to Tina Fey for making that backhand comment towards NBC (“Thanks for keeping us on the air. Even if we cost 10x more than a talk show.”)


  • Justin Timberlake was there. ‘Nuff said. LOL
  • The PC guy from the Mac commercials doing the voiceover commentary with fake facts about the winners? Genius! Just the way he said it, if you weren’t paying attention, you probably thought what he said was real.
  • Ricky Gervais, funny as always.
  • I know some people didn’t love having the dance number in there cuz it seemed out of place. But frankly, as a dance fan, I gotta say, I love that dancing is continuously getting more recognized, so I loved them having that small performance part way through the telecast. It also doesn’t hurt that that performance included a lot of dancers I love and respect: Maks & Karina (being completely professional about everything despite their breakup), Katee, Josh, Mark, Dom, Hok, Ryan (all from SYTYCD).
  • the Dr. Horrible “interruption”! the placement of that bit was completely spot-on. and then just things like “Why watch on your TV when you can watch shows on the internet without any interruptions?”, followed by the “buffering” thing was hilarious!
  • All the love NPH was getting from the other celebrities. He got shout-outs from Jon Stewart and Jeff Probst, just for being a great host. When was the last time that happened at an award show?

Overall, the Emmys were great this year. Sure, I wish the outcome of some of the actual awards were different but just for having NPH host the show, I’d give the show a solid A-.


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